How to Turn Your Ideas into a Profitable Business – John MacGregor, Stephanie Chandler

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In this podcast episode, host John MacGregor interviews Stephanie Chandler, a successful author and CEO of the Nonfiction Authors Association. They discuss the process of turning ideas into profitable businesses, focusing on the impact of writing a book on one's business. Chandler shares her journey from corporate employee to bookstore owner, writer, and consultant. She offers advice on writing, publishing, and marketing a book, emphasizing the importance of professional editing and design. She also highlights the financial benefits of writing a book, including increased credibility and potential income from speaking engagements and course sales.


Please read carefully.

This is not financial advice. You may be asking, “What does that mean?”

Let me explain…

Do not just do what I, my team, or my guest say. That would be stupid and irresponsible. Take the education, then use your own brain and make your own decisions.

YOU must take responsibility for your future and your success. That is why you are here. Neither I, nor my team, nor my guests, know your risk levels, prior education, emotional maturity, or how much money you can afford to lose.

We are only telling you what we believe to be smart moves. But you must decide for yourself. There are NEVER guarantees.

Also, understand that we are REAL teachers. We practice what we preach. With that in mind, we often invest in the very projects that may be mentioned on this show. While it is never our intent, we could possibly profit from others investing in our recommendations.

Take the education we provide but then determine your own actions. If it does not make sense to you, get more education before you invest. We will continue to provide education and there will always be more opportunities.

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