How to take $5,000 and turn it into $100,000 Real Estate Deal

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Here’s a free preview of my 2-day virtual interactive real estate event.

I’ll be covering several new topics including new Fannie Mae regulations, how to buy a 100k piece of real estate with $5k down, AND how to find your first $1 Million Dollar profit in real estate.

If you want to keep watching after the preview ends visit:

Cameron Long

  • @thecabretty11 says:

    I bet Renters don’t want rent explosions!

    • @charleshorseman55 says:

      Cost of rent raises with cost of ownership. Blame taxes and insurance. This game is about moving money around. The margins aren’t huge.

    • @brocklagunas3055 says:

      Blame yourself for not being financially free and have to worry about it?


    Thanks Grant! Happy Holidays 🎄🎄🎄🎄

  • @lemmyjnr.1793 says:

    Thanks for the update and keep doing what you do. It is estimated that Spaniards will need more than a million euros to retire comfortably, but I discovered that most of us are not optimistic about reaching that goal. I have been accumulating more than 750,000 euros of capital from the sale of a house and I want to invest in the stock market, how do I do it?

    • @JackPeter-xk4dy says:

      Workers are losing ground in preparing for retirement and increasing the risk that their assets will outlive them. We must all do more to help improve savings and retirement security in the country. If you are not the one who understands the strategies for investing wisely, seek help.

    • @tommylak1247 says:

      I started with Mrs Eunice Berthold. Her honest approach gives me complete ownership and control over my position, and her rates are incredibly affordable given my impressive return on investment.

    • @fletcherjohn2595 says:

      I wouldn’t mind speaking to the advisor who is assisting you. I really want to improve my retirement funds because I plan to retire in three years.

    • @ClaudHeaves says:

      I never heard any of Eunice Berthold customers complain about losses. I think she’s too perfect

    • @FedexDHL says:

      Well said mate, I’ve actually been profit-oriented since I started my first investment trades with Eunice Berthold a transparent woman

  • @DonJamieBeatz says:


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