How to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease Naturally | Jason Fung

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Fatty liver disease is a growing epidemic, and a growing cause of liver destruction. Dr. Jason Fung reviews how fatty liver disease develops and shares insights on how to reverse this disease naturally, without needing drugs or surgery. Fatty liver disease is mainly a dietary disease, and therefore, the treatment involves fixing the diet. Check out my blog at

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0:00 Fatty Liver Disease
0:49 Infiltration of fat and inflammation in the liver
1:54 The growing epidemic of fatty liver disease
3:31 How fatty liver disease develops
3:52 Fructose and Fatty Liver disease
5:01 Carbohydrates and fatty liver disease
6:21 De Novo Lipogenesis and Fatty liver disease
6:53 How to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease
8:26 Diets to reverse fatty liver disease

Cameron Long

  • JennyZ says:

    What a clear straightforward explanation of a complicated but incredibly important topic. Thank you Dr. Fung. You are saving people’s health.

  • Candace Keillor says:

    Thank you Dr. Fung for all you do!! I keep buying copies of your books and handing them out to my friends cuz I’m a nerd like that 😂 You’re getting us all back to nutritional reality!

  • Robert C Lynch says:

    I couldn’t lose weight to save my life, but once I learned why I had a fatty liver, I successfully dieted from 313 pounds to 208 pounds in 10 months.
    I did this following Keto and intermittent fasting 19:5

  • sanah shaikh says:

    I developed fatty liver two years back. Was searching for solution. I came across dr. Fung on you tube. And miracle happened. I had grade 2 fatty liver. Today I have a healthy liver. Thanks to dr. Fung. It all happened because of him. Love you doctor 💜

  • Jason Fung says:

    Learn more about fasting –

    • 조명수 says:

      Doc thank you this impo. I have this trouble i need diet fasting or low carb. Im not alcoholic not smoker but my liver is not good it comes out in xray when im going to my yearly medical check up

    • A G says:

      Hindus have been practicing fasting for centuries and have known all this for thousands of years . Welcome to the program

    • Al Gore Rhythm says:

      @A G starvation from poverty doesn’t count

    • A.I. says:

      How much starch/carbohydrates did they feed them to get overweight?
      (1 bowl = 130 calories) 10 bowls of white rice in a day is 1300 calories. And you are still calorie deficient below the 2200-2400 daily calorie.
      That’s 3 bowls of rice in the morning, 3 bowls of rice at lunch and 4 bowls of rice for dinner.

  • Ma Ntuli says:

    Back on intermittent fasting. My body loves it. I’ve lost one dress size in the past month. I’m hoping for two more dress sizes so I can wear all my clothes again. These videos keep me motivated. I’m not in a rush. Slow and steady is the way. Something I can sustain long term. Will start adding exercise soon.

    • HealYourSelf ThroughKeto says:

      sounds good, any updates?

    • dlm4501 says:

      I’ve tried IF, but I get SO hungry. What do you do to get hunger off your mind? I’m a stay at home mom so I’m always home, most of the time, and have the kitchen/food at my disposal all day. It’s so hard to feel hungry.

    • dlm4501 says:

      @Tae Lyrics Ok, thanks for the tip! I do need to do better with that.

    • Katrina Abrone says:

      Finding things to do around the house is working for me. Clean everyday and use it as your exercise. It will take your mind off eating and help you with exercise.

  • Chiang Cheng Kooi says:

    The amount of people who gave credit to Dr Fung, on all his youtube talks, how his advice help them in fighting obesity and diabetes speak for itself.

  • zumzum says:

    Dr Fung: Your presentations on reversing fatty liver, diabetes and over coming obesity are an increasingly important community service. Appreciating the clarity with which you make these videos.

  • Ann Mari says:

    10/02/20 my AST and ALT levels were 159 and 150 (normal levels are 0-41). Drs told me I had NAFLD. 😳 I stopped eating starchy carbs and refined carbs/sugars, I even stopped eating fruit. Started eating more veggies. On 4/29/21 my liver blood labs came back and are now 22 and 29. 😄 Thank you Dr. Fung.

  • Jamaiah Janex Banos says:

    This doctor is amazing! Simplify the complication of medical term into a layman’s term for us to understand the way our liver works. Hoping for more doctors like him to have time and patience in
    Explaining our medical problem. More blessings and prayers for you ! Love 💗

  • Fasting Chic says:

    People say they want more healthcare providers like Dr Fung, but two of my friends got in trouble for recommending fasting to their patients. One in particular, a nurse practitioner, was FIRED after a couple went and complained about him recommending fasting. The thing about it is that he is so caring and knowledgeable. I couldn’t believe it. I told him to open a practice or join a more supportive practice. Bottom line is that some people can’t fathom not stuffing their faces every hour of the day and prefer western medicine. What a shame!

  • John Mcneal says:

    I was a teen in the late 1970’s and most all of my friends drank either Coke or Pepsi. I distinctly remember the summer when all of the big soda companies switched from sugar to high fructose corn sweetener. We all noticed that Coke and Pepsi had a slightly different taste. The crazy thing is, those dates corelate with the increase in fatty liver disease from your chart.

  • Steve C says:

    A year ago a CT scan diagnosed me with a severe fatty liver. My scan this week, a year later and after a year on keto simply noted: “upper abdomen unremarkable”. No more fatty liver.

  • TheJamesOutlaw says:

    I just got diagnosed with this today after getting pain in the liver area for the past few months. To all those who have just been diagnosed with the same, I wish you all the best. Let’s beat this and turn this around!

    • UK Affairs says:

      Sorry to hear that in the same situation, first thing first remove sugar and processed food from the table

    • Genci Duraku says:

      Dont eat to much fruits also, only one apple 🍏…

    • UK Affairs says:

      @Genci Duraku green Apple 🍏 but blue berries, raspberries, lemon , lime , leafy green vegetables 🥬 all will help. Eat twice a day , steamed fish vegetables 🍅 and exercise plays a big role . No processed food and sugar at all.

    • kishan100 says:

      Dont worry. It’s completely curable. Avoid sweets, fatty foods, greasy, oily , fast foods, junk foods, non veg, ice cream, too spicy foods, alcohol completely. Take fruits vegetables oats rice . Use aloe vera juice. Very beneficial. Reduce weight if overweight. Take good sleep. It will completely cured. Best luck, Take care.

    • UK Affairs says:

      @kishan100 Thanks for your encouragement, yes 👏🏻 I have stopped all sugar, fatty stuff, only oat, vegetables 🌶, fruit , lemon lime water and walking exercise helping for sure. Many thanks again.

  • Dickens Yuen says:

    having fatty liver for over 25 years until 5 years ago it was reported to be severe. With low carb and intermittent fasting lost over 15kg now all the AST, ALT and GGT is back in normal range and no sign of fatty liver , thanks Dr. Fung 🙏

  • PARAMOUNT CHESS CLUB - Chess Patterns says:

    My SGOT was 100 (normal range 0-40) and my SGPT is 115 (normal range 0-44) doctor diagnosed me a very serious fatty liver. I did fasting for 3 months (18-6) I avoided very sweet fruits and carbohydrates. I just eat more meats and fats, eggs, vegetables, fish and fish fats. Last week I got my blood test results. It’s amazing! My sgot now is 15 and my sgpt is 18. Also my A1c from 7.8 to 5.7. Everything back to normal my vision back to 20/20. Thank you Lord.

    • teresa woodward says:

      That is amazing! Congrats and thank you for sharing your story! It’s very encouraging. In 3 months you reversed your fatty liver! They say usually it takes 3 years to do that.

    • richelle seradoy says:

      Hello. How many time a week you did fasting?

    • PARAMOUNT CHESS CLUB - Chess Patterns says:

      @richelle seradoy as long as you can. The more you do fasting the more better. I did it almost everyday for three months. Just avoid the sugary foods and drink. I cut the rice and breads

    • Pam says:

      Awesome testimony praise God 🙏🙌

    • biddy N says:

      Please, during your fasting hours, did you take water or your medication? I am on high-blood-pressure medication which is why my question

  • Watcher World says:

    I have been following Dr. Fung’s suggestions for about 1 year. Most of my diabetic symptoms were gone in 10 weeks. But, I suppose that my insulin resistance is still a problem. When I relapse and eat a high carb meal, my fasting glucose level become elevated and stays elevated for about 1 week. On a more positive note, during my last annual checkup, my a1c and fasting glucose level are no longer considered diabetic or even prediabetic. So, I guest I am managing my condition well. I think I have a lot more work ahead of me.

    For people who are starting their journey, I would suggest patience.

    • Juliana Salleh says:

      Are you on any medication for the diabetic condition?

    • Watcher World says:

      @Juliana Salleh I was on high blood pressure meds for half a year before getting diabetes. That totally freaked me out. Then I ran of an OMAD diet and exercised every morning. In 10 weeks, most of the diabetic symptoms went away. My BP dropped by about 50%. I am not on any medication right now.

  • Douglas Mark says:

    Thanks Jason! As a fellow physician and one who put on weight and likely had some fatty liver from the pandemic, I’m happy to inform you that intermittent fasting was a simple change to my life that has reversed my concerns in a matter of weeks. Plus, you are helping many of my patients as well, some even before I began enjoying your information this summer. All the best. Hope you get a million subscribers soon. Looking forward to reading your books too!

    • kostar500 says:

      He did a lot didn’t he… really a life will lived Dr Jason Fung

    • richelle seradoy says:

      How did you do it doc Douglas?

    • KJB Music For Gmom says:

      Knowing that Fructose goes straight to the liver (unlike any other ose) to congest the liver to induce fat gain in mammals before hibernation- where does fruit fit in to a low carb lifestyle

    • Allen Dermes - Jesus is Love says:

      @douglasmark8949 did you do keto by chance?? I was just diagnosed and I am fasting but haven’t gone full keto yet. Just wanted to know how you did yours?? Thanks

  • oakdogfu says:

    I have been low sugar, low carb diet for 2 months. Lost 30 lbs ( still morbidly obese). Feel like I can do this forever. Thank you Dr. Sooooo much!

  • Tosin Ayinde says:

    Hi Doc Fung, I’m from Nigeria. Eating very low carb and intermittent fasting has helped me a lot. I was 135kg about 4 months ago, now I weigh 115kg.
    My blood sugar is gradually obeying too and my BP is now fully obedient. Thank you

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