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Assets and liabilities serve as the central focus of this episode of Millennial Money featuring Robert Kiyosaki. Robert dismantles a pervasive misconception—that your house is an asset. This idea is debunked to underscore the importance of understanding the true nature of assets and liabilities in one's financial journey.

Robert goes on to propose that people themselves can be assets or liabilities. The discussion extends to the financial responsibilities associated with caring for family members. This aspect brings forth the idea that while family can be a source of emotional support, they can also be financial obligations.

Examples of human liabilities, with a focus on financial commitments such as alimony and child support. This serves as a stark reminder of the financial responsibilities that individuals may have to shoulder in various life situations.

This episode not only clarifies the distinction between assets and liabilities but also underscores the importance of financial literacy, cash flow management, and the multifaceted nature of financial responsibilities in the context of family and personal finance.

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Cameron Long

  • Yannick Emmons says:

    Hi Mr. Kiyosaki! First of all, thank you for teaching us all this priceless lessons and for sharing your lifetime experience. I read almost all of your books and I’m slowly starting to see some results! I just have one question for you if you don’t mind : Instead of buying things that depreciate, I enjoy finding rare antique items at a really good price that goes up in value with time… Do you consider rare antique items an assets?

  • Douglas de Rainville says:

    Thank you for walking the talk guys,Robert being responsible through self thinking,learnings,plus teachings brings truth to a level of understanding for and all Women and Men of the lands.Been following you’s from the 90th always and ready in giving your most precious ” time.”Bravo to you’s and all who do so.Enjoy !!!

  • Rebecca Rogan says:

    Thank you for putting together this intelligent and easy to understand series. Many blessings to you for this kindness!

  • C V says:

    My favorite part in Rich Dad poor dad was when Rob wanted to buy a Porsche and Kim told him to buy a rental property to pay for the Porsche. The point is that you keep the House AND the Porsche. If you straight up buy the Porsche, you don’t get the house.

    A friend of mine recently received an inheritance from her mother, a house that is completely paid off in Arizona worth around $300k. She sold the house and bought a car. What did she do wrong?

    She could have kept both the house AND the car had she just rented out the house. Now she lost the house and only has the car and she’s still broke.

  • Legatong Ranoto says:

    I really appreciate these videos.
    It’s surprising to me how basic financial knowledge like this is such an impressive and new thing to many in the comment section. This goes to show how important having financial education be at the core of our education systems would be.

  • Kola Olugbenro says:

    This is a great deal. Am a financial expert though the financial terms are not new to me but I so much appreciate the unique and beautiful ways the points were driven home. A perfect presentation that no one can restrict.

  • Jamal Raymond says:

    The best thing I learnt during the pandemic was having passive sources of income , and I am grateful as the experience of the pandemic really opened my eyes to possibilities , it’s important to have back up plans , as it is said “ you haven’t started making money till you can make money in your sleep” “let your money work for you” I am glad I did and I am glad I met Mr Kent white as he has been my a wonderful financial advisors and trader .

  • Ghani Ghani says:

    I’m glad I pulled through, despite the crises. I am retiring next yr at 55 with 3 houses paid off worth 4.5 million . One is my place of residence the other 2 properties will give me $80,000per/yr rent . I will have an income stream of $20,000 per yr through my super which gives me total $100,000 a yr to live comfortably . I have no debts … Stay Motivated!!!

    • Tahiri Said says:

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  • Laura clover says:

    I appreciate your approach to teaching.. To my understanding this just proves how much we need an edge as investors because playing the market like everyone else just isn’t good enough, we just need to hold onto our hopes and wait to see how things turn out because market movements are almost always unpredictable. In my portfolio, I’m noticing more red than green. How are other people in this market raking in over $350k gains within months

    • Olivia Miller says:

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    • Thomas Quin says:

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  • Tom Townsend says:

    Just what I needed to watch.
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    • Andrew Chandler says:

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    Being 25 watching this and hearing that you bought ur first property at that age and started to profit from the earning even if we’re just a little. Is beyond motivating to me I’m locked in and truly eager to learn more.

  • Raul Romero says:

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