How to Build a Website During Your Lunch Break

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How to build a website quickly, on your own, all without spending a ton of money. This simple tutorial will walk you through the entire process:

0:00: Intro
0:19: STEP 1 – Sign-Up For a Web Host

Use code SPI at to save a bit more (this link is an affiliate link and hostinger gives me a little $ if you sign up at no extra cost to you)

1:21: STEP 2 – Build the Website Using AI
3:50: Edit Your New Website
8:12: Editing (and Creating) Images
9:09: Adding Buttons
11:43: Adding Pages
13:07: Creating a Logo Using AI
16:00: Connecting Your Social Accounts

17:05: STEP 3 – Get or Connect Your Domain Name (URL)
19:41: Domain Settings (Backend of Hostinger)

20:26: STEP 4 – Optimize for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

22:10: Checking Site for Mobile View
23:47: Contact form Settings

25:37: Finish Designing your New Website

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