How the US Dollar Became an International Weapon of War – Andy Tanner, Saleha Mohsin

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On the Cash Flow Academy podcast, host Andy Tanner engages in a deep dive into the weaponization of the dollar with guest Saleha Mohsin, author of 'Paper Soldiers: How the Weaponization of the Dollar Changed the World.' They explore Mohsin's background, from her beginnings in financial journalism to her coverage of the Treasury Department across three U.S. administrations. The conversation spans the historical origins of the U.S. dollar, its evolution into the world's reserve currency, and its use as a tool for economic sanctions and geopolitical strategy, particularly post-9/11. Tanner and Mohsin discuss the potential threats to the dollar's dominance, the debates around de-dollarization, and the implications of growing U.S. debt and partisanship on its strength and stability. The two also touch on the role of digital currencies and the essential distinction between self-critique and anti-patriotism, emphasizing the importance of an educated electorate and personal responsibility in a democracy.

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00:00 Introduction
01:03 The Historical Context of the Dollar's Power
04:27 Exploring the Weaponization of the Dollar
08:29 Global Perspectives on the Dollar's Dominance
11:59 The Future of Currencies: Digital and Beyond
16:52 The Impact of Debt and Fiscal Policy on the Dollar


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