How I Hacked My Sleep To Fix My Body And Brain

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Unlock the Secrets to Better Sleep and Health!

In the episode of The Chalene Show, Chalene Johnson unravels the mysteries of sleep's deep connection to overall health. From alarming statistics showing 35% of people suffer from chronic sleep deprivation to her personal battle with inattentive ADHD due to sleep negligence, Chalene paints a vivid picture of sleep's undeniable importance.

Learn the dangers of sleep deprivation, from hormone imbalance leading to weight gain, accelerating aging, and a high risk for serious illnesses.

Discover actionable tips like mouth taping for nasal breathing, the magic of white and brown noise, the power of prayer and meditation, and the benefits of natural sleep supplements over prescription meds. Chalene's transformative brain scans are sure to inspire everyone to prioritize their sleep. Also, delve into the role of exercise and morning sunlight in aligning our circadian rhythms and the pitfalls of caffeine after noon.

For all those seeking a healthier life through better sleep habits, this episode is for you!. Tune in now for sleep strategies that can change your life.

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Cameron Long

  • Chalene Johnson says:

    How many of these tips have you not tried but plan to give them a try?

  • Juys Deano says:

    I really need this 😢 my sleep pattern is inconsistent and I need help

  • Hannah W says:

    Ugh as I’ve been awake since 3 am just waiting to go to work at 6. My sleep has been awful the last few months and I can’t figure out why! I’ll definitely watch this video this week on my day off!

  • Patrick Plummer says:

    Thanks for being so wonderful, Chalene! You are 1 special Lady! 1 of the greatest hearts and souls ever! Will give things a try that You suggest. How do You spell Goddess? C-H-A-L-E-N-E

  • Sherry Greathouse says:

    Same I’ve always done 4 hours and I feel my body no matter what wakes me up after FOUR hours. Go to bed at nine? Wide awake at 1! UGH!!!! Iim 52 and my boyfriend is 73, we are going to start working on this!!

  • Adventures With Robin says:

    As I’m watching your video (making coffee and getting ready for work) my Apple Watch just congratulated me for hitting my sleep goal the last 4 nights. Yay me 😂

  • Tati Perez 🌼 says:

    I love watching your videos. Very educational stuff things I’ve known but sometimes forget.
    Thank you 🙏🏼 God Bless ❤

  • Juliet says:

    Great tips! I have bad sleep habits that I can occasionally break. I sleep on the sofa with the tv on. I used to use a timer on the tv, but when it switches off I wake up. I don’t think it’s fair to my husband for him to endure the tv. Sometimes I can sleep with a sleep hypnosis routine on prime. I’m interested in some of the sleep aids that you mentioned. CBD? I have to watch again and check the transcript. I can’t go walk at 10am because I work 7-4:30 Mon-Thur and 7-11 on Fri. I do usually walk on my treadmill on breaks and lunch. About 40 minutes Mon-Thurs.
    Really really great videos!

  • Michelle says:

    I’ve tried many to most of these tips, and the ONLY thing that worked for me was the sunlight trick. But, for me I needed way more than morning sunlight. I needed hours of sunlight. For decades I wore sunglasses from the moment that I walked outside and the sun was rarely penetrating my eyes. I rarely wear them now, and I easily sleep 8 hours every night.

    • Chalene Johnson says:

      Oh, that’s so smart, that you mentioned the sunglasses… I forgot! I’m going to pin this comment!

  • Convenience and Practicality says:

    My problem is STAYING asleep. I wake up so much during the night. I have done magnesium, cbd, and melatonin for years too. You do have to be careful with melatonin though. Less is better because you can start to develop resistance to it and slowly need higher and higher doses. Docs say to take a break from it every now and then.

  • DjCapnWolf says:

    I swear, Chalene, you are a godsend! You’ve touched on yet another area of my life that needs attention and improvement: sleep!
    I got a fitness tracking band (a Xiaomi band 8) recently, and I’ve been tracking my sleep for the past two weeks. I didn’t know how little (and how bad) I sleep. Moreover, I had no idea how bad lack of sleep is, until just now, hearing you talk about it. Thank you for all the tips! I’m willing to try them out (especially the free ones), preferably one by one, to see what their effects are on my sleep.
    You absolutely rock! 💚💙💜

  • Its_Jolaine says:

    I do all of these except first morning sunlight. I’ve been working on getting in daily walks and grounding. My doctor strongly stresses grounding for sleep too. Thank you!

  • Heather Harris says:

    The blackout stickers and shade!!!!!!! Thank you!!! I’m constantly trying to position sheets over windows and washcloths over the microwave when we travel 😂😂😂

  • MARCI ZACCA says:

    I’m here to tell you – I cannot emphasize how so important sleep hygiene is- I have worked 3rd shift for over 10 years and no matter what I do to make sleep a “ thing” during the day, you suffer for it! All the things Chalene says is ALL TRUE 😢.

  • Convenience and Practicality says:

    My doctor told me that they used to think that REM was the important part of sleep but they’re finding now that a certain stage of non-REM sleep is more important for the body.

  • Kimberly Williston says:

    I do a lot of these things and they definitely help. At this time the thing I just implemented that is a game changer is dabbing a little bit of castor oil under your eyes. It is a thing and man it works!!

  • Tam Zar says:

    I found thee best pink / black bonnet! It keeps my long hair smooth & it doubles as a mask! ( much easier than taping all the bright spots / which I have done before 😅

  • Andrea Zumbahlen says:

    Do you remember where you got your pillows? You made a video about how you prop yourself up at night and those pillows all look so comfortable. I’ve been trying to make a fortress around myself at night like you did in that so I can learn to sleep on my back and my pillows are so hard.

    • Andrea Zumbahlen says:

      Nevermind! I hadn’t watched all the way through yet when I commented. You answered my question. 😊

    • Chalene Johnson says:

      Well, that was filmed in a hotel room. But I do love the brand “my pillow” and they have different firmness.

  • Krista kvitek says:

    I sleep well and fall asleep fast but my tracker always states I get very little deep sleep, only 10 minutes at times. I do all of above but I cannot find information anywhere on how to get more deep sleep.

    • Chalene Johnson says:

      My husband had the same issue and had to spend about six months trying to improve his deep sleep. Two things he thinks made a difference… Number one using peppermint oil under his nose and adding magnesium nightly.

  • Aimee Eby says:

    Sleeping is like dying … without the commitment. -Steven Wright comedian 😂 Still makes me laugh bc it’s kinda true. 😅

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