Cameron Long

  • @mattrhoton9219 says:

    That came from me writing this down 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

    And of course being loaded.

    Im sitting here just hoping i can budget a mosquito in the next few years.

  • @ticketsbythebay says:

    Why does Grant always look high. Lol

  • @user-ni2fq5pg3h says:

    What is his business model besides spending

  • @samanthastanford1010 says:

    Careful,,,,GOD allows you to have what you do, give credit where credits due, consequences, man, think about it! GOD Bless!

  • @rdj60 says:

    These people will lie in your faces and you all will eat it like a 5 course meal because you dream of wealth. But really most people will not make it. He first said he was in Dubai when he was offered a helicopter ride, to Dubai but slipped up cause these are 2 different cities 😂😂 then said in Abu Dhabi

  • @charlesducey says:

    What profit is it to gain the world but to lose your soul.

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