How did America go from the Richest Country to Bankruptcy? – Robert Kiyosaki

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Host Robert Kiyosaki discusses the financial predicament of the United States with experts Jim Clark and Charles Goyette. They dive into the history of money, the shift from the gold standard to a debt-based dollar, and significant events like the confiscation of gold in 1933 and Nixon's 1971 decision. They also discuss the general population's lack of understanding about money's value, the role of the Federal Reserve, and the unsustainable national debt. The episode also covers the Hunt brothers' attempt to corner the silver market in the late 1970s and the potential future price of gold.

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Cameron Long

  • Blake Elliott says:

    The U.S. has had a problem with practicing honesty for a LONG time. That’s how.

  • Pat L says:

    From Trump to Biden.

  • Lu Hoffma says:

    Stop funding wars and giving our money to other countries.

  • Adrian Macias says:

    Lack of principles, no values, greed = broken system, bankruptcy etc.

  • Jawad Khan says:

    In order to be successful financially! We’ve got to follow the principles of these mentors especially Respected Robert Kyasakie❤
    Personally I learned, learning a lot from his content!

    Love from Pakistan

  • slava key says:

    I have been telling everyone around me that we are bankrupt/ insolvent and poorest country!

  • Allan Jensen says:

    The world has enough for human need, but not greed….

  • jordan Humphrey says:

    Great video so far. Thank you for sharing.

  • B L says:

    I would say the devaluing of the currency was a good starting point. From gold to oil to nothing.

  • Fat Zeke says:

    I love hearing old guys chat, makes me miss my dad 😢and reminisce

  • James M says:

    Clad quarters didn’t come out until 1965. 1964 it would’ve still been a 90% silver quarter.

  • Natalie Wright says:

    I will be forever grateful to you, you changed my whole life and I will continue to preach on your behalf for the whole world to hear you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment, thank you Mrs. Laurie Siebert.

  • Dan St.Mary says:

    The country has been in bankruptcy for 100 years

  • The Dude says:

    What if we stop funding foreign wars and instead take care of our homeless problem.

  • Wilson Andrew says:

    It’s no longer a story that the world is experiencing a global economic downturn, I’m so happy that I’ve been receiving $64,000 from my $15,000 investment every 8 days

  • Kolohe says:

    Yet the US sends billions out of the country to fund wars while ignoring it’s millions of homeless. Not to mention the people of Lahaina whom lost everything they own in the wildfire. SMH, let’s go Brandon!

  • Agabus says:

    Amazing interview thank you Rich Dad! Some day people will answer, is the debt actually a thing and needs to be paid back? Or is the debt not a big deal and let debt skyrocket. Things getting bad fast….

  • Progressive Truth Seekers says:

    NO, this is Authoritarian capitalism. This is the greatest transferring of wealth, to the banking and corporate oligarchs.

  • Richard Tan says:

    These politicians took an oath to serve the country. Unfortunately it does not seems to be the case.

  • Dan XRP says:

    Great episode Mr.kiyosaki our country needs stop funding wars and government spending overall.

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