How Big Earners Reduce their Taxes to Zero

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How Million Dollar Earners can Reduce Taxes to Zero

Grant Cardone will show you how to reduce your income tax to zero…
Anyone can do it, it's legal and if you don't do it you are not following the strategies of the wealth. Get your money to work for you harder than your talent. I am going to show you how to play the game.

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Hard work and talent will not last forever, the investments you make will be the only thing to ensure financial freedom for your family.

If you are a rapper, pro athlete, or an artist… Watch this video

"Be Great, Nothing Else Pays"
– GC
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  • Jay Bee says:

    Note to add, if you reduce your personal tax bill to zero by buying properties or any other cash flowing asset you will pay taxes just in different forms i.e sales taxes, property tax, business payroll tax etc. But he is spot on about reducing your personal federal taxes.

    • Dan Lyons says:

      W2/1099 income is taxed ar the highest rates. I’m currently investing into a lot of dividend stocks.

      My parents invested heavily into real estate.

      They earned too much money and banked credits for close to 20 years.
      Meaning now with multi million dollar net worth. They earn over six figures in passive income. They paid almost nothing in taxes the past couple years. They even received/qualified for the stimulus checks lol.

      Their taxable income last year was under 40k. Property taxes taxes are their highest expense now.

    • Ed Fredric says:

      @Dan Lyons taxation mathematics

    • SleepyHorses says:

      AND you’ll eventually have to recapture what you “avoided”. I wrote down 2 million this year via an aircraft purchase leveraging bonus depreciation (section 179). It’s nice, but it’s temporary. The Fed eventually gets their money.

    • Miguelion says:

      @SleepyHorses I’m doing my best to understand all that Grant explained, I may have to watch the video a few more times, but I’ve a question to your point, so to continue not paying the taxes or receiving the “tax credit” is that where you continue reinvesting?, so in other words repeating the game?

    • Meditation Valley says:

      @Miguelion yeah u repeat the game…own nothing but control every thing

  • Favour Obasi-ike says:

    This will be on replay on speed dial. Thank you for your wise words, Grant! Love listening to you on Clubhouse too. Looking forward to listening to you in person, God willing. 🙏🏾

  • Fernando Letemendia says:

    Very inspiring, I own many properties and I’ve known about this but been “too busy” to act on these amazing tax shelters. After watching this, I’m making my priority…. Thanks!

  • Sophia Mitchell says:

    When it comes to investing, diversification is key, that’s why I engage in sectors based on projected growth. There’s no shortcut to getting rich, but there are smart ways to go about it

    • Sophia Mitchell says:

      I engage in different kinds of prolific investments such as launchpad IDOs, Crpto, Stock, NFTs, and vice versa through proper planning and management of a widely known Investment Professional, and so far acquired over 500K $ as a return.

    • Sophia Mitchell says:

      As to get more details on suitable investment plans you could indulge in. You can easily find the Investment Professional *(Genevieve Glen Rodgers )* on the internet where you can easily reach out to her and as well write her.

    • Topsy Fernandes says:

      Glad I came across this. I’ve heard a lot about the Investment Professional here in UK. She has helped a lot of people grow their finances. Helping them to get more freedom financially. Good deeds they say fly easily….. Genevieve is great.

    • Webdigo says:

      Chamberlain Mormont its a scam. Dont fall for that BS.

    • bill setag says:

      Gabriella fullen Agree about consulting professionals. That said, be warned, even professionals are greedy and they will “steer” you to investments and tax reduction that benefit them. Check fees first and NEVER, EVER, hand-over money to individuals. Stay with the top financials in large corporations, unless you can afford your own “Family Financial Team”.

  • Charley Luckey says:

    Nice one .This is a fantastic breakdown of the steps you have to take to build true wealth. I feel exceptionally lucky I started investing in my early 30s and consistently compounded my income via assets to create more cash flow. I grew to a 7 figure mark well-diversified portfolio having exposure to different prolific investments. Passive income is mandatory for building long term wealth

    • Poppy Pearce says:

      what kinds of investments do you make. I totally agree with you. I have a lump sum right now doing next to nothing in a savings account. but it’s hard for me to take part in the market right now due to the fulltime nature of my job. it will be way to stressful to combine so i don’t even think about-facing it

    • Charley Luckey says:

      @Poppy Pearce I invest across the top markets but not by myself though. i follow the guidelines of Larry Kent Nick. you might have heard of him.. I can correctly say he’s worth his salt as a investment advisor as his diversification skills are top notch, I say this because i see that in him results as my portfolio grows by averages of 20 to 3O% on a monthly basis, unlike i can say for my IRA which has just been trudging along. my portfolio just mirrors what he place and not just on some particular industries of my choosing

    • Poppy Pearce says:

      That’s great , your investment advisor must be really good,I have seen testimonies of people using the help of investment advisors in making them more financial stable. Do you mind sharing more info on this person?

    • Charley Luckey says:

      @Poppy Pearce Larry Kent Nick Trading

    • Robin Fred says:

      I’d always be willing to do this for the long-term as long as I’m assured of success. I think I’ve heard Larry Kent Nick mentioned a few times before and I reckon this number of people talking about one person can’t be wrong about their experiences

  • Christopher J. Duffy says:

    Just a heads up, from a tax accountant. Depreciation on real estate is depreciated over 27 1/2 years or 39 years (depending on the type of property). You could do a cost segregation study and reclass some of that property as shorter term property and use accelerated depreciation on some of that property but there is no way that you could deduct half of the cost in year one.

    • Foundation of Thought says:

      Yeah don’t worry about the details , ppl feel good about themselves watching these videos and amounts taken out of a hat.

    • Rob Narolewski says:

      I came here to say this – it’s laughable to anyone who knows tax law.

    • wojoness says:

      Not only that, depreciation is just deferring that expense. If you sell the property, that depreciation is “recaptured”

      Although, heirs to an estate receive a stepped up basis and therefore, I believe, don’t ever have to pay the taxes right, Chris?

    • Jerry Brown says:

      I asked my accountant about this and she said the same thing. So where does Grant Cardone get this? It’s obvious he has done well in RE. Why would he be so off?

    • Foundation of Thought says:

      @Jerry Brown  many reasons, like these YouTube videos are made to get views, not actually teach you anything. He makes more money by selling his image, YouTube, etc. Why would a successful investor spend time teaching you for free on YouTube? Because he makes more money from that, and realizes his other investments are very risky, in comparison to YouTube

  • Big D says:

    Thanks Grant. You explain this very well. I’ve been doing this for 35 years now and have become extremely blessed because of it. I hope more and more people will take note and put this advice into action.

  • Herbert Herald says:

    This really hit home. I’ve started working on myself and getting the best for my family as I’ve put the money I saved aside and invested it, making great returns. Made my first $100k milestone and I’m never going back to the rat race. Most of all, expertise helps in managing one’s finance.

    • Joey Perollini says:

      Sounds like you’re stating the obvious here. I was headed down the rabbit hole when I started out myself. It was truly a blessing after I got help from a pro.

    • Edward Dick says:

      Hello Dickson. I’ve got it in mind to make some money on the side too but I’m green to investing and I need help. How did you do it?

    • Herbert Herald says:

      Levi Clemans has exceeded my expectations just months into working with him as my fiduciary overseeing my investments in stocks, and I-bonds. As long as you diversify your portfolio, any single stock that you own shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your overall return. He’s the go-to guy! You look him up on the web and do your due diligence can get across to him.

    • Herbert Herald says:

      Lcom…Is he taking commissions for trades? Yes, I’m I still making money in the process? Hell yes!

    • Edward Dick says:

      @Herbert Herald It wasn’t difficult to get through to him. You’re

  • Wolfehead says:

    Knowledge is power and Grant just gave us immense power!

  • Jon Van Wie says:

    As much as this is achievable, this video also proves how much we need concrete understanding of a particular sector as investors because playing the market blindly or solely of technical is a big risk.

    • Gregory P. Freeman says:

      It’s possible to statistically measure whether some decisions are wise. In the real world, it’s a lot more harder. We prefer faster gains or simple stories, which can be easily manipulated in other for you to like what you hear but often devilishly misleading. Right now there is little volatility which makes prediction harder & losing capital easier.

    • Joe Caruso says:

      @Jon Yes you’re right, there’s more to the market than technicals which is why analysis are best made by or under the supervision of an expert. I’ve had significant increase following the help of a professional.

    • Mary Alchester says:

      @Gregory P. Freeman Forehand I know the powers of coaches too. Coming from someone who’s witnessed consecutive ups and downs, debt, getting ripped off trading scams, get rich quick scheme, ponzi. Literal bankruptcy, you name it, Having a coach made it a lot more easier. I know how discipline is essential to grow. Matter of fact having received advice from my coach, I started my pod, a little ytube, and passively earn and hold a $293k ptf with Yvonne Annette Lively. So yes guys, life coaches are indeed important.

    • Tom Fisher says:

      @Mary Alchester Do you mind if I asked if she’s with Morgan Stanley? Talking bout Yvonne Annette Lively

    • Ally Ivanov says:

      @Mary Alchester Looked her up a while back. Haven’t made a move yet but her records are detailed. I think it’s nuts averaging a 15% mroi considering the economic decline.

  • Kayla Wood says:

    If we are being truthful to ourselves, just like the rich, taxes can be a big pain. Income tax, value added tax, property tax, etc. Paying taxes is good, but we could also create our own tax havens. I personally put my money mostly in the stock market, since its appreciation is not taxable, and then when I sell, I find ways to make the income non-deductible in taxes. I ‘m currently sitting on more than $327k of cash, and I’m definitely throwing it in the market. Just thinking of how to not lose it all, since the market is red.

    • Legado says:

      It upsets me how simple things like this are not taught in school, and then people complain about taxing the rich everyday, as though the rich should pay for their own ignorance. I have been doing the same thing myself, using the market to shield myself from the market. But I hate making mundane decisions, so I just invest through an advisor, making good profits, avoiding taxes, while doing very little work.

    • Zahair O'Brian says:

      @Legado I’ve been doing this same thing myself. Can’t get into trouble with the IRS when I have no income and all my money is in stocks. I don’t like doing the work though. Lol. So I just invest through an advisor who does the stock picking. My money grows, and I’m tax-free.

    • Zahair O'Brian says:

      Have you heard of Sharon Lousie Count? She gets featured regularly on CNBC.

    • myflash says:

      Roland Ray Let us know how it goes. Thanks

    • Joseph D. Warren says:

      Just some ideas because I do not know your situation: If you set up or have a profitable small business and are a high income earner, you can put about $66,000 into a SOLO 401(K) and get a tax deduction for it, or double that if you are married. You can also elect to set up a SOLO ROTH 401(k) and put up to $66,000 in there without any income limitations like you get in a regular ROTH IRA. The downsides of this are that you have to wait until ‘retirement age’ at 59 and a half, but they are good for lowering taxes in the current year and creating tax balance in retirement. The real estate approach that Cardone mentioned is amazing, especially if you have an ultra-high income. You get instant passive income, and a growing asset with tax breaks due to depreciation! Assuming you like to put your money into the stock market, you can also dollar cost average into the market in a non-retirement account, and as the portfolio grows larger over time, use a portfolio line of credit or securities-based line of credit to use a portion of your portfolio as collateral against a lower interest loan. That is a non-taxible transaction, and becomes more and more feasible as your portfolio grows over time. Personally, I have been focusing on undervalued dividend stocks this year. Another thing is to consider having a larger than normal cash position in your portfolio, like between 10 -20%, but still under the SIPC insurance limits of course. None of this is financial advice just ideas, but feel free to reach out if you want to brainstorm.

  • Jack Collier says:

    I am finally understanding how to utilize all the tricks the rich use to grow their money and all I can say is I’m excited to get started. Thank you so much for spreading the knowledge to us common folk.

  • gray williams says:

    The biggest thing I learned from this video was 50% of investing is buying good companies at good prices and the other 50% is controlling your emotions when . market is moody.I realized that the secret to making a million is making better investment. I always tell myself you don’t need that new car or that vacation just yet and that mindset helps me make more money investing.

    • victoria jonas says:

      investment requires good experience and knowledge to carry out a good and successful trade, I have lost a lot trying to trade all by myself.. May I ask which investments are good? I’ve been looking at a few different ones but want others’ opinions as well.

    • susan nicky says:

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    • walter brown says:

      Financial life is more comfortable and safer when you have good risk management skills, if you know how to trade you can make a ton of money no matter where you find yourself..

    • susan nicky says:

      Credits to ROCH DUNGCA-SCHREIBER, she saw me through the process. You can glance her name up on your google and verify her yourself. she has years of financial market experience…<>

    • victoria jonas says:

      Thanks for the efforts you put in these. I found her and i leave her a message i await her reply<>

  • :MarK says:

    We are already in the big crash , inflation is a catastrophe. This CPI report is a colossal failure. To bring the housing market to a halt,the FED will have to pull all the stops . The unfortunate issues is that the other market are being decimated. If you want to stay green ,you have to rely on a lot of diversification.
    Currently up 15% and being carful. Still a better deal than leaving it in a savings or checking account yielding 0-1 percent interest.

    • Monica Ryden says:

      People believe their currency has the worth it does because they have no other options. Even in a hyper-inflationary environment , individuals must continue to use their hyper-inflationary currency since they likely have minimal access to other currencies or gold /silver coins.

    • Rebecca L says:

      Inflation is going to gradually going to become part of us and due to the fact any money you keep in cash or in a low-interest decline in value each year. Investing is the only way to make your money grow and unless you have an exceptionally high income,investing is the only way most people ever enough money to retire.

    • Christ opher says:

      You’re right I diversified my $350k portfolio across various market with the aid of an investment coach Jessica Katherine Ellis I have been able to generate a little bit above 1.2m in net profits across high dividend yield stocks, ETF and bonds during this red season.

    • Natasha nice says:

      @Christ opherHow can I reach out to this coach? Because I’m seeking for a more effective investment approach how good is this person at portfolio diversification, particularly with regards to digital assets?

  • Anya Bxb says:

    My gratitude and praise to this team of gurus por bringing my life back on track when I thought everything was gone! but with the help guidelines I was able to realized that the secret to making a million is saving for a better investment

  • talented Nse says:

    I believe a video on “How to profit from the present market” will be more effective because, given the way the market is moving, we’ll likely retain our investments for longer than 2030 before making a profit. After all, I’ve heard of people who have made up to $250K in a matter of months and I’d like to know how.

    • Matthew Brandon says:

      Find stocks with market-beating yields and shares that at least keep pace with the market for a long term. For a successful long-term strategy I recommend you seek the guidance a broker or financial advisor.

    • Thomas Heintz says:

      Very true , I diversified my $400K portfolio across multiple market with the aid of an investment advisor, I have been able to generate over $900k in net profit across high dividend yield stocks, ETF and bonds in few months.

    • Darlene Murphy says:

      @Thomas Heintz Please can you leave the info of your investment advisor here? I’m in dire need for one.

    • Thomas Heintz says:

      Elise Marie Terry is my portfolio-coach, I found her on Bloomberg where she was featured, I looked up her name on the internet. Fortunately I came across her site and reached out to her, you can verify her yourself.

    • John Moore says:

      @Thomas Heintz Thank you for this amazing tip. I just looked the name up, wrote her explaining my financial market goals and scheduled a call

  • Luca Arthur says:

    The problem we have is because Most people always taught that ” you only need a good job to become rich ” . These billionaires are operating on a whole other playbook that many don’t even know exists.

    • Randy Vincent says:

      Money invested is far better than money saved , when you invest it gives you the opportunity to increase your financial worth.

    • Zahid Taimoor says:

      ” It is remarkable how much long term advantage people like us have gotten by trying to be consistently not stupid , instead of trying to be very intelligent.”

    • Ann Eve says:

      The wisest thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different streams of income that doesn’t depend on government paycheck, especially with the current economic crisis around the world. This is still a time to invest in Stocks, Forex and Digital currencies.

    • Noah William says:

      I also keep seeing lot’s of people testifying about how they make money investing in Stock, Forex and Crypto Trade(Bitcoin) and I wonder why I keep loosing. Can anyone help me out or at least advice me on what to do.

    • Lucy Akira says:

      Even with the right technique and assets some investors would still make more than others. As an investor, you should’ve known that by now that nothing beats experience and that’s final. Personally I had to reach out to a stock expert for guidance which is how I was able to grow my account close to $35k, withdraw my profit right before the correction and now I’m buying again.

  • Cedric Margo says:

    As a musician I can see the value in this thanks Grant!!

  • Garaldine Smith says:

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