Here’s the Path that Creates Diabetes – Here’s the Path that Reverses it!!!

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, discusses two paths. The first path creates diabetes. The second path reverses it.

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  • @ctapmgriley says:

    Thanks Dennis for your continued support and encouragement!! God bless you!!

  • @JakMesh says:

    Your videos are great of help, bless your heart to the truth always, but I do have a question, after all these years for reversing diabetes for you, let me ask you a question do you tolerate carbs now like normal people or still carbs spike your blood sugar? Or is they are a different ? Like you tolerate to some extend ?

    • @kathym6603 says:

      I’m not Dennis but I have heard him say everyone is different! He still tests his blood sugar, just not as often as he used to. He only eats what he has tested with his glucometer in the past . . . so he knows what is happening with his blood sugar even without testing every day. Your best bet is to ask your own body (aka use your glucometer in ways that Dennis teaches) and your body will tell you. Portion size MUST be taken into consideration. It will mean testing different portion sizes to find your own tolerance.

    • @sherrytitus5345 says:

      Thank you for your comment. It is very helpful.​@@kathym6603

  • @dingdongdaddy589 says:

    Not to toot my horn, but I was at 14.6 in January and forced to go to the hospital…and just three months later I’m at 6.8. It isn’t easy…

    • @DLTJR1959 says:

      That is FANTASTIC progress. Congratulations.

    • @deliapfenninger4285 says:

      Well you’re certainly welcome to toot your horn in this instance! Well done!

    • @RaptureWILLBeSoon says:

      Congrats! Great you too your health in hands.

    • @098anne says:

      That’s awesome! !

    • @dingdongdaddy589 says:

      Thank you everyone! They initially diagnosed me as Type 1 LADA, but with recent blood tests, it appears my pancreas may be working after all. I’m going to keep after it and hopefully be as healthy as ever. This whole experience may have been a blessing in disguise. Thank you. 🙏🏽

  • @lllewis2506 says:

    Great video. Finally got a notification in the morning time

  • @Riffwood says:

    very grateful for your information 🙂

  • @slugo915 says:

    Morning Dennis, God bless your still helping people understand diabetes. Best channel for type 2 people. 🙏❤️

  • @joshtoten says:

    I was a bit sad yesterday, got my recent blood lab results: cholesterol is all good, but my a1c is 5.6% (from 4.9%)…. until I realized this is six months after I quit two different very strong diabetes meds (ozempic and glimepiride), and reduced my last one (metformin) to 500mg twice a day. …so 5.6% with very little meds compared to before actually sounds really good! I still am continuing to work on my diet (i suffer from overeating sadly, comes from life long obesity) but I still managed to drop 13 pounds since my last doctor’s visit last year. Not perfect, but still moving in the right direction! Thank you for all you do. You can even help encourage a stubborn youngish mule like me!

    • @deliapfenninger4285 says:

      We celebrate each and every achievement on our healing journey! Well done on your milestone’s clocked up so far. This all is a journey, not an event! Wishing you all the best as you continue your healing journey!

    • @joshtoten says:

      @@deliapfenninger4285 Thank you! Wishing the same for you and everyone else as well!

    • @juliegray7658 says:

      I feel your disillusionment but when I found my affordable weight loss group (TOPS take off pounds sensibly in person and online) I found people who have the same journey. I was about 35 pounds overweight and I had fun, got encouragement and lost the weight. I went down then bounced a bit but kept it off for the last 9 years. There is hope thru this channel and other similar channels. I found a group of friends in my group and have been encouraged to continue a pound and an inch at a time! YOU CAN DO THIS!

  • @RaptureWILLBeSoon says:

    Wow, amazing rebel on fixing your A1C like that. We must be our own advocate. My brother believes he will always have and eats his whole wheat bread daily. Ughhh

  • @balasandarkalieannan300 says:

    Another fantastic session. Thank you for sharing 🙏

  • @MichaelLees-libertus says:

    Meals can be tough but after time it gets much easier.
    My main meals are.
    1 Steak and cabbage
    2 Sardines on polish bread
    3 Bacon and eggs
    4 avocado on polish toast with an egg
    5 strawberries in moderation
    6 roast chicken.
    This helped me lose 13 kg in 8 weeks and blood suger fall from 14 to around 4.
    Also remember to drink 2-3 litres of water daily and do and occasionally do a 12 hour water fast.
    Good luck folks.
    Ps my blood pressure and heart rates have also dropped significantly.

    • @bernadette573 says:

      By Polish bread do you mean rye bread?

    • @MichaelLees-libertus says:

      @@bernadette573 its sourdough bread and we luckily have a bakery close to where I live, I generally have 2 toasted slice a day , whatever bread you use make sure its from a bakery with not too many preservatives

    • @linsteele1820 says:

      Happy Polish day today, 3rd of May!!! I’m making saurkraut, kielbasi

    • @linsteele1820 says:

      And rye bread’

  • @petercyr3508 says:

    It is important to understsand that the human liver makes all the glucose you need. That is how important glucose is. That is how much we need it. This is not controversial. It was in your doctors text books. Ask him. What that means is any glucose (starches and sugars) you eat is extra and leads to all problems Dennis describes here. What I do find interesting is there no disorder where the liver fails to make glucose. Only where it makes too much.

  • @olly2027 says:

    TheFDA will not allow you to stop eating celery

  • @sherrytitus5345 says:

    Thanks Dennis. You’re so dedicated to helping. It does mean a lot as you know, to the many people watching your videis.

  • @nancyballard8666 says:

    I made some effort when I was 6.2 and was shocked when 18 months later, I was 9.3 (October 2023). My A1c was 5.6 in March 2024. Mike, the meter, showed in the 80s and 90s for a short bit and then jumped into the 100s. I am now working on the insulin resistance. I write down my foods and Mike readings so I can see patterns and not be led astray. Thank you, Dennis.

  • @heathercraig-gill3297 says:

    I am 5ft 2ins was weighing 152llb my A1c was 7. I dropped 20 lbs . My A1c is now 6. I don’t want to lose any more weight as I would be too tiny and would have to get a new wardrobe which is expensive. My plan is to cut the carbs where possible.

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