Cameron Long

  • @Lepek29 says:

    George at his best as usual.

  • @mitchschneider1927 says:

    You should have also listed the cost of transportation. Autos and the required insuranceare are both up about 30%; and NOT an option for most people.

  • @youngheffeh5691 says:

    Just saying breakfast for supper was always a great meal when I was growing up, but it sure wasn’t just cereal.

  • @josho6038 says:

    Nothing is going to change until the people bank run these fools

  • @robertchew8167 says:

    People food shop very stupidly and eat too often. Stop eating processed food, sugar, grains and seed oils. Fast and eat one meal per day

  • @SirShiv7 says:

    I’ve been a professional in the health and fitness field for well over a decade at this point. I’ve noticed that healthier food prices (lean meats, green veggies, etc.) have absolutely *skyrocketed* – as in, paying 2-3x more than just a few years ago – and garbage foods have either remained consistent or gone up far slower. You cannot convince me this isn’t deliberate.

    • @michaeloconnor6683 says:

      Oh come on, you can’t be that naive — watch commercials — half of them are for s***t food. This has been going on way longer then your “decade” — which really means just 10 years. We got fat f**ks everywhere. It’s been 40 years my friend

    • @davek1833 says:

      Are you saying this is a conspiracy? I don’t understand what you mean

    • @roxannearmstrong1219 says:

      The psychopaths really do want us dead…I am way too stubborn to get out of their way without one heck of fight. 🙏

    • @FlorisDVijfde says:

      They’re destroying farmers in my country over bureacratic blindstaring. All of Europe has had farmers protest really. Overregulated and bullied to bankrupcy.

      Meanwhile the WEF has made deals to install massive corporate food hubs in The Netherlands. Using innovations like insect food and lab meat.

      Real natural food will get more scarce.

    • @kotenoklelu3471 says:

      Sugar conserves food. Salt also. There are other preservatives. Fruits and veggies are less storable food. I don’t know what happened with meat though, I guess feed gone up in price. A year ago I said that meat will go cheaper and then higher in price for someone in the internet who paid attention to global food and energy crises (war in Ukraine, economic war between Russia and the West). I don’t remember reasons for this statement. IMF said in report on global food crises that situation is little bit improving, harvest was normal, fertilizers prices were stabilizing except for potash (Russia, Belarus), oil prices was stabilizing, food prices are stabilizing. I watched stock prices of stuff that grows from the ground, they have upward trend but cacao and meat are going up.

  • @rising_crust says:

    I track fast food prices because it’s a highly competitive market and the major corporations have the incentive to keep pricing dynamic so that they keep revenue steady.

    With that being said, pricing is up ~30% in most cases. But I am seeing some additional couponing to elevate the overall ticket price by $1 but then provide a heavily discounted menu item in exchange.

    Some of the really high pricing that’s hit the news is for customers who don’t use coupons, or they want it delivered and don’t account for the added overhead costs to do so.

  • @rossderer6154 says:

    Cant affor to eat, cant affor to house yourself, cant find a job that pays a living wage. Sounds alot like a depression to me

  • @realscotthogue says:

    I lived through the Carter years and had a family. This reminds me a lot of those and the following years. Stagflation to an extreme.

  • @garycates9911 says:

    George . Those of us paying the bills are in direct compation with those on the dole , This of course includes those that work for the burio / gov. How the hell do you spell bureau ? None of these people should be allowed to vote !

  • @LJH08Ralith says:

    Huge increases in food, insurance, and auto/fuel costs compared to just a few years ago….

  • @AllNighterHeider says:

    Thanks George and rebel crew

  • @FloydThePink says:

    Kroger, walmart, target, all with multi years of record profit. They can choose to not make the package smaller AND not raising the price, and still be able to pay their CEOs millions per year.

    • @laurelstewart4264 says:

      the same with Loblaw Inc. in Canada= posting record profits

    • @keithn4304 says:

      This is called Capitalism. The consumers need to stop buying like everyday is Thanksgiving. The grocery stores are businesses and have greedy stockholders to report to. Consumers are the problem. Everybody is big Ball’in somehow???

  • @ryang6222 says:

    In California my gas bill doubled in the last year and my usage went down.

  • @350zLeMans says:

    Labor costs for fast food go up quite a bit April 1st when 20 an hour hits CA

  • @user-oz9fs1xs9u says:

    Disposable income approaches zero, and THEN you pay taxes on nominal income for ordinary wage-earners. This doesn’t end well

  • @user-oz9fs1xs9u says:

    I’ve never lived in a place where household energy price goes down? Gasoline may fluctuate a little, but heating your house or water always goes up here in CA.

    • @wayward03 says:

      In relative terms I’ve seen it go down, as in, it stayed constant while wages went up, but that was Idaho.
      Now in Oregon and we follow Cali, straight into the dumpster….

  • @Jason23473 says:

    The incompetence and corruption that runs through this administration are getting more ridiculous. I feel for people with disabilities not getting the help they deserve. Thanks George for keeping us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still made over $65000 last month while trading

  • @AB-fq4mr says:

    Kellogg started as food for people in an insane asylum. The way things are going, looks like it’s coming back full circle since that’s what this country has turned to.

  • @canchabizarra says:

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    • @canchabizarra says:

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    • @Peaceofmind697 says:

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    • @majidakbarzadeh818 says:

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    • @StephanieLynn-du2b says:

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    • @dougbannister583 says:

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