Grant Cardone’s SECRET TWIN BROTHER Interview

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Grant Cardone interviews the man he has known the longest, his identical twin Gary Cardone.
Grant and Gary lost their father at the age of 10, and their older brother passed at the age of 25.

The adversity they faced early on has shaped them into the men they are today.
They grew up under the same roof, but have gone on to successfully pursue different career paths. Different industries, different cities, different dreams, but always brothers.

In this interview the Cardone boys sit down and reminisce about the good ole days, the challenges they have faced, and what is next because the story is far from over.

Cameron Long

  • Rs42lk says:

    This amazing and uplifting ❤️ 🔥🔥🔥

  • Grant Cardone says:

    Gary (left) Grant (right)

  • Amália says:

    Eu já vi um bocado a semana passada e ri me como uma maluca eu vi logo que isso era tudo feito 😊😊😊😊😊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Lori Del Regno says:

    I played baseball as a child in school and my experience was I pitched the ball, and the batter hit me square between the eyes! Lol. The teacher laughed and said maybe I should play a different position. I was out, in the middle of the field. From that day I said , Lori!, sports are not for you.
    Gary you are right! The school system is a failure position for our children.
    P.S. just a note … I never ever did drugs of any kind my entire life.

  • RAAD Talk Reaction says:

    Ow this is normal ! Just Grant Cardone talking to him self ! Love it

  • Lori Del Regno says:

    It is all about shame. I resonate with that.

  • Lori Del Regno says:

    I have NEVER thought I was limited. I have always felt something was holding me down. My problem was finding people who FELT the same.

  • Lori Del Regno says:

    That is exactly what it is!!! Being alone makes the difference. I am 💯 on that. It is your weakest position. It will make you stronger if you find your match with this.
    Gary, I hear you. You have to know what industry will be the next one. It has to be your hobby and find someone that has the same passion.

  • Lori Del Regno says:

    I’m a happy person in the morning!!! I wake up thanking “god” the “ universe “ for my life.
    I watched Grant on Millionaire and I actually could tell how unhappy he was and it’s what made me believe the character and helped me push forward.

  • Dame Anvil says:

    00:57 🥊 Grant and Gary Cardone discuss a regretful fight from their youth, highlighting drug problems and self-disgust as contributing factors.
    04:26 🏠 Their deep connection as twins is emphasized, discussing traumatic events, like their father’s death, and its impact on their lives.
    07:38 🏈 Gary’s childhood surgery created shame and a sense of falling behind compared to Grant, affecting his self-perception.
    11:03 🤫 Gary often took the fall for Grant in various situations, demonstrating their close bond and Gary’s willingness to protect his twin.
    15:29 📚 Both Cardone brothers express dissatisfaction with traditional schooling, feeling confined and unchallenged, highlighting the limitation of their education.
    19:38 💪 Lessons from their father, including work ethic and protecting the family name, significantly influenced both Grant and Gary in their lives.
    20:56 🍲 Grant and Gary Cardone reminisce about Katie, a nanny who played a significant role in raising them and teaching their mother to cook.
    22:47 💰 Grant learned a vital lesson about money from his dad’s ‘quarter story,’ emphasizing the value of money and not playing with it.
    25:46 🤝 Gary’s different approach to money contrasts with Grant’s more risk-averse investment style, reflecting how upbringing shapes financial perspectives.
    31:31 🌍 Both brothers acknowledge leaving their hometown helped them grow, suggesting that leaving one’s comfort zone often catalyzes personal success.
    33:19 💔 Grant reflects on how his father’s passing pushed him to learn about money and navigate financial struggles, shaping his understanding of wealth and security.
    36:19 🚀 Grant’s self-awareness about his potential grew gradually after overcoming addiction and stabilizing his life, leading to increased confidence in his abilities.
    40:44 🌟 Taking calculated risks, like moving to unknown territories, played a pivotal role in Grant’s personal and professional development, fostering growth and learning.
    41:51 🚗 Grant recalls driving down the bayou with his twin brother Gary and friends, reminiscing about their childhood.
    42:21 🏠 Their childhood friend Punky was banned from their house by their mother due to bad influence, reflecting her no-nonsense approach to parenting.
    43:15 🔫 Grant shares stories of their adventurous, sometimes dangerous, childhood activities, highlighting boredom as a driving force.
    44:10 ⚡ Boredom led Grant to realize his dangerous potential, emphasizing the importance of channeling energy productively.
    45:08 🏆 Grant discusses the concept of “the Beast” as a driving force behind success, fueled by shame and a need to prove oneself.
    46:43 💼 He emphasizes the need to find the right industry to tap into this energy, recounting his initial resistance to social media.
    48:31 🌐 Grant advocates for seeking diverse pathways to success, focusing on following the money and future trends rather than personal passion.
    50:05 🤔 He encourages expanding one’s thinking by seeking exposure to people with bigger dreams and experiences beyond one’s immediate environment.
    52:07 🌍 Exposure to diverse surroundings, even within a relatively affluent neighborhood, expanded Grant’s perspective on possibilities and success.
    55:06 🏢 Grant highlights the importance of finding a platform that aligns with one’s personality and values, advocating for the right environment to thrive.
    57:51 🚀 He emphasizes the importance of pursuing endeavors that one can passionately advocate for, aligning with personal values over mere financial gain.
    01:00:11 💰 Grant reflects on how upbringing shapes perspectives, suggesting that a different start might have influenced his trajectory.
    01:03:09 🕰 Grant Cardone reflects on dedicating tens of thousands of hours to self-improvement, investing in self-awareness, journaling, and business building.
    01:04:03 🧠 Continuous self-awareness evolution: Grant emphasizes the need for a shifting mindset, adapting to change, and evolving thoughts in a world where what’s true today might not be tomorrow.
    01:05:42 💡 Self-awareness pride: Grant finds his investment in self-awareness and continuous learning to be the most significant achievement in his life.
    01:06:08 📊 Social media’s fluidity: Grant sees social media as a constantly shifting landscape, a fascinating, ever-changing platform requiring perpetual adaptation.
    01:07:32 🔍 Military influence on social media: Grant discusses the potential manipulation of public opinion on war through social media platforms, highlighting a recent poll incident.
    01:11:14 🚀 Persistence and vision: Grant’s refusal to quit and his ability to envision and execute plans, even without immediate validation, mark his strengths.
    01:14:28 🤔 Entrepreneurial loneliness: Despite having a team, Grant often feels alone in making decisions, a common feeling among entrepreneurs navigating uncharted territories.
    01:18:38 🏦 Building a legacy: Grant’s future goals include transforming his business into a bank, aiming to impact finance, create opportunities, and help families gain financial stability.
    01:22:47 🌟 Legacy message: Grant envisions being remembered as someone who significantly helpedand disrupted norms, challenging and positively impacting numerous lives.
    01:23:02 🤔 Grant emphasizes honesty, admitting when wrong, and being authentic regardless of others’ opinions.
    01:23:41 🎯 Haters often envy success, reflecting on their choices and feeling stuck in comparison.
    01:24:50 🛣 Many settle in jobs not aligned with passion, aiming only to escape rather than strive for success.
    01:25:18 🌟 Success lies in mastering any skill diligently, whether it’s art, music, or any profession.
    01:26:40 😔 Grant reveals his humanity, admitting to both good and bad days, aiming to turn the latter positive.
    01:27:21 😬 His experience in “Undercover Billionaire” was grueling and among the most miserable times, despite the learning.

  • Tony says:

    How is it that 1,000,000 more people didn’t see this video ?!!
    Grant and Gary and both equally interesting and a pleasure to watch together and separate.

    I don’t know if it’s YouTube – who is just making sure it’s hard for people to see this without really digging like I did, but again – this is a must watch and I

  • Michael Paris says:

    Superb! 👏

  • Philip says:

    great interview missing it at 10x hope yall killing it

  • Courtnei Hayes says:

    Wow! I’ve been a fan of you for over 10 years. Had no idea we had so much in common grant. I’m from Louisiana, sold cars, went into marketing and sales and have an IDENTICAL twin! It’ll definitely be a pleasure meeting or working with you one day! 🌟

  • Bilal Rasool says:

    Love this guy!

  • KandidKate says:

    Thank you guys for sharing so many personal experiences. I really appreciate knowing more of your background and perspectives.

  • Joseph Long Realtor | SubTo says:

    Hahaha BRO please you guys do a follow up video just telling stories of the shenanigans you would get into as kids. I feel like if we were kids at the same time we would be friends lmao sounds a lot like my dad’s stories too. Kids aren’t built the same anymore😂😂😂

  • Flo_ wer says:

    Do you guys think twin telepathy is real? Much love to grant and gary ❤

  • Rob Taylor says:

    This was so powerful… longtime grant Cardone fan, watching this I see a different side of him around his brother. Great content

  • Eric Draycott says:

    2 absolute legends, such a great conversation

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