Grant Cardone’s CASH ACCOUNTS #shorts

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Grant Cardone's CASH ACCOUNTS

Ever wonder how liquid I really am? DON'T BELIEVE THE INTERNET…

Cameron Long

  • @TT-ik3kd says:

    Yea makes sense gotta funnel that course money somewhere

  • @varunratti says:

    I check it everyday to make sure they r not overdraft for fee

    • @danielaramburo7648 says:

      If you are net positive, you are in a good starting position. Go from there and grow your net worth little by little.

    • @gaslandrights1745 says:

      We know you’re trying to be comical but that’s a really bad way to think & live. Poor mentality

  • @realestateinvestorschannel4798 says:

    Grand I’m Dan from Ireland how can I get in touch with you pls my disability father kept saying that he’s your brother

  • @keyonuniverse says:

    Grant’s smooth millionaire math.

  • @timothyrussell3323 says:

    And he can’t help a fan out? 😂

  • @gustavoespitia8055 says:


  • @nosuchthingasfastlane4399 says:

    I bet he can buy me a fully loaded Nissan rogue and not even notice the money 😔💰 leaving the bank

  • @donaldduck2986 says:

    That is not your money, Most of it is your investor’s money.

  • @thefinalgrind says:

    I’d like to do some custom steel fab work/ artwork for ya. Let’s cut a deal for 2 million, and by default I’ll invest 50% of the profits back into 10x. I’ll clear my entire year of 2024 out for it.

  • @Queen01777 says:

    Yes playing the number 😅

  • @americandreemdreamer8901 says:

    You are basically slave to your bank account. No thanks

  • @UnderworldQ says:

    Love the transparency man thanks for what you do you’re changing a lot of lives.

  • @shorts-tc1bf says:

    How made 67% on the money? The way I saw it, it seems to have become just about even. No profit no loss only increase of an asset that could generate funds in the future

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