Cameron Long

  • @mr.dccomics9018 says:

    Prime 80s Arnold kicked in with the Tank.

  • @bbb_888 says:

    These 2 should have their own show trying to 1 up each other!! Lol

    • @A-A-wRONg says:

      YouTube channel and different rich people have a pissing contest. Each season has two different rich people. Each season has 5 episodes and is different items each episode. First episode is most badass vehicle. Second episode is most badass bathroom. Third episode is most badass jewelry. Then at the end of each episode the winner sells their item and gives the money to a different charity and the loser has to watch the winner destroy their item in a badass way (explosions, flame thrower or driving over it with a tank) then they donate the money that would have came from selling that item to a charity as well.

    • @jodief8371 says:

      ​@@A-A-wRONg lolz

  • @BillyGreen1920 says:

    F your freedoms!

  • @Stanaford says:

    I dropped my phone behind my bed and had to listen to this for five minutes.

  • @marvinbanks889 says:

    They are flexing on each other.😂

  • @rushiljain9423 says:

    This was wholesome lol

  • @idontcare4490 says:

    He got Arnold? Damn…

  • @danisle4379 says:

    “2 mature old men still acting like little children.”

  • @darriensanders4439 says:

    “Icaughjelous…..get to dee Choppa”

  • @BrattKavkaz747 says:

    This temporary life is almost over arnold

  • @jodief8371 says:

    So cute! 😊

  • @nephiasay8821 says:

    This was hilarious to watch in person! 😂

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