God’s Gift to Diabetics

In this video Dennis Pollock shows yet another weapon in your arsenal to beat diabetes. We learn of a naturally sweet dessert which should barely budge your blood sugar. Several different alternatives to the traditional way this dessert is eaten are explored. You may be surprised to learn just how low in carbs this mighty little treat really is!

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Cameron Long

  • Reggie Roberts says:

    I’ve stopped drinking sodas and started drinking crystal light instead. My A1C was 10. I take insulin and trulicity. Just found your channel yesterday and I’ve learned a lot. I want to get off insulin and possibly diabetes.

    • Beat Diabetes! says:

      God bless you in your efforts. You can do it!

    • Mary McLane says:

      Crystal light has aspartame in it,will make you crave sweets,causes migraines,etc.Look for products with Stevie or monkfruit

    • obfuscatid says:

      I occasionally have a non-sugar flavored sweetener with my water but most of my fluid intake is water and sometimes plain coffee. I’ve read from several sources that artificial sweeteners can trigger an insulin response in some people and that’s what diabetics are trying to avoid so I wouldn’t do it too often. You might look into some sweeteners that are less likely to trigger an insulin response such as Stevia and monk fruit sweeteners. Test yourself as needed with your glucose monitor until you’re satisfied with results in order to reduce worrying about it … stress hormones can also affect your blood sugar levels.

    • jessicagray51 says:

      Reggie Roberts Crystal Light Not Good that’s a no no

  • 50kT says:

    This is just what I’ve been looking for and needing. At the end of the day after eating healthy I really want a healthy dessert to comfort my soul, and I think this will do the trick.

  • Mae Gamble says:

    Thanks I needed this I have type 2 diabetes and I’M on a low carb diet now after looking at you on YouTube I thank God for you I’m off meds I still take insulin I have been working hard to get off the insulin I know with God help and me eating right I can do it 🙏😊

  • Patricia Nunez says:

    I love that you test blood sugar before and after. I am convinced. Thank you so much. And God bless you and your family too.

  • OutnBacker says:

    Another excellent vid, but I will add a tip for getting that strawberry mash to produce its own slurry. After slicing the berries let them sit at room temperature for an hour or so. This allows them to “bleed” out their juices. No water needed and no dilution of flavor. Without the water the berries will produce a syrup. Sugar accelerates the process, but of course, we’re past that. Add some Stevia if they are a bit tart, as many are.

  • Feriin says:

    For the past week I’ve been eating 0 carbs a day (except for sunday) I’ve lost around 10 lbs. Other than being fatigued (as my body switches over to burning fat instead of sugar) I’ve been doing pretty good. On a side note though, my kidneys were bothering me. As I’m also taking an antibiotic that warns of possible kidney problems, I’m sure that’s the cause of the pain. I go in tomorrow to get blood work done to make sure the kidney pain isn’t something to worry about. (i’ve stopped the antibiotic in the meantime).

  • Butter Gurls says:

    I actually had added coconut flour to make a vegetable cake a couple of days ago and it actually brought DOWN my sugar!!

  • JessNotLikeTheRest says:

    Dennis I love u & God Bless you & your family 10 fold for taking the time to make these videos. I’m currently in the hospital (not diabetes related) 4 days now. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes while in here. Despite all the short & long acting insulin shots & pill they give me my sugars won’t go down. It’s probably cause the hospital food “diabetic meals” here are full of sugars & loads of carbs🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. Anyhow I Immediately started mourning the loss of all the foods I use to eat. I felt as if I was given a life sentence to a life long struggle of pain. I know 2 people who are currently having major back to back complications from type 2 diabetes that involved amputation. I don’t want that for myself. I was feeling exhausted & depressed at the thought I’ll never have good food again. I started watching your videos & you are showing me how to eat good & take Care of myself. I’ve learned so much already. You’re taking SO much of the guess work out of it for me & for that I will salute you. God bless you & your Beautiful wife & thanks again for sharing your knowledge. I can’t wait to go home & go shopping for my food & start my journey 🙏🏼💙🙌🏼

  • Sarah S says:

    Dennis, love your videos. I’m working on getting my triglycerides down. You motivated me to buy a glucose meter! Can’t wait to try the mug shortcake recipe!

  • Sandra Leishman says:

    I know when I’ve had too many carbs, I start to get really warm. Can’t wait to try this. Thank you!

  • steve butler says:

    Glad you made this Dennis. I have started eating 2-3 strawberries after supper, doesn’t bother my suger, and its a reward for being good all day. Truly a gift from the Lord

    • Dale Foster says:

      Go to the frozen desert section and buy a bag of frozen berries and pick-up frozen wip-cream. 😁

  • steve butler says:

    Forgot to also say, you are a blessing to all of us “recovering diabetics” out here. Thank you for your time and ministry

  • Karen Smith says:

    Dennis is the Low Carb Chef….he should write a cookbook!

  • Kelly Clover says:

    One of the problems with sweet-tasting fruits is it’s too easy to get carried away and eat a whole pint or even more in an hour or so. I eat frozen fruits with nothing added or sometimes mixed with nuts. I could be hitting my liver real hard with a big blast of fructose.

  • navknows says:

    You motivate me to become better and help me with this devil called diabetes! Don’t know what I would have done without you Dennis!

  • icare4you123 says:

    Those short cakes all look good. Thanks for the options! I stir berries into my sugar free jello when it has nearly cooled and is starting to gel. Whipped cream is wonderful.

  • D.K. Benson-Smith says:

    Excellent dessert ideas with no blood sugar spikes. 👌 Many thanks, Dennis. Best regards & blessings from, Australia. 🐨

  • Hab Som says:

    I really like your videos, great production quality and presentation skills, upbeat and friendly but displaying sensitivity where appropriate. Informative and fun at the same time. Thank you Dennis. p.s. I rediscovered strawberries since becoming T2 diabetic along with whipped cream but I like adding a light dusting of cinnamon powder!

  • PAULA Moore says:

    Thank you Dennis for sharing your meals and deserts for type 2 Diabetes…my son has type 2 diabetes and he has to inject insulin..i told him to watch your channel..such great information..i have found out recently that I am insulin resistance..so now am following what you show us to eat…thank you God bless you..i have subscribed a year now🙏🙏

  • sean johnson says:

    My first time at the grocery store after starting the ketogenic diet, I looked at all the “good food” that i can’t have, but viewed it as poison that I didn’t want. 3 and a half weeks later my blood glucose is normal and my A1C went from 6.8 to 6.2. I’ve got a ways to go but very encouraged!

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