Cameron Long

  • @OneCourageous says:

    Awe man… pull the rug out from me when working towards that.

  • @DR-dl5re says:

    Guy on the left is so out of touch it’s not even funny

  • @eboodnero says:

    didnt both of these guys peddle a bunch of crypto BS to their audiences?

    • @juancalderon8976 says:

      i dont know about peddling crypto but grant cordone peddles owning property and you should never buy a house, hes a professional renter, thats where he gets all his money is from renting. i would never take advice from him on if you should buy a home or rent cause he doesnt want anyone to own.

    • @teeglizzly9369 says:

      Graham Stephen is a credible guy but grant cardone is a scam

  • @emergencyrendevous5472 says:

    rich guy says we aren’t rich. riveting.

  • @uhurumzuri says:

    When you’ve touched 1 million one more a year and have created that life style for yourself, 400k a year might not be that much especially when you’ve forgotten humble beginnings

  • @bucksfan77 says:

    Free? He doesnt seem free he seems enslaved to the sin of greed. A free man is free in spirit not in a perception of wealth

  • @TonyAlexander7Sail says:

    The Greed of money blinds men.

  • @CraigK5thGen says:

    Some people are so poor all they have is money…

  • @JSkillz2315 says:

    I’ll take it

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