Food Academy Awards – 10 Worst Foods for Diabetics (Part B)

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Dennis and Benedicta Pollock, of "Beat Diabetes," share Part B of the 10 Worst Foods for Diabetics.

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Cameron Long

  • @kittychroniclesv.2 says:

    Hi Dennis. You should have a Nobel Peace Prize for saving the world from diabetes

  • @matnaz6796 says:

    Just WOW!πŸ‘

  • @DrTonyHampton says:

    Monster πŸ‘Ή drinks should scare you!

    Ketones are a better fuel source easily achieved with keto/carnivore 😊

  • @cheycasters says:

    You two are a real blessings to me and I know the rest of the world does as well.🎸🎸

  • @johnmadany9829 says:

    Big news!
    Gary Taubes has a new book out.
    Rethinking Diabetes
    It is very heavy duty.
    As a physician it will help me understand why some people find diabetes control so challenging
    Affirms the importance of a diet centered approach.

  • @BabodOlivia says:

    Beautiful pure black skin

  • @ellen9579 says:

    Continued again!

    10. The worst all-around food…And, the winner is doughnuts. I used to love glazed doughnuts!

    Bonus question:

    The two best host and hostess of the Worst of the Worst Food Academy Awards…And the winners are Funny, witty, cutie-pie beauty, Benedicta and dynamic Dennis, otherwise known as Denny-boy by his grandma!

  • @RoyalDavid says:

    Dennis – I did not find time to write this comment in reply to Part A. Your tuxedo really compliments you, quite flashing.

  • @annaradin6067 says:

    these videos are brilliant besides being so informative
    i agree Denis should be given a prize for his incredible work!!!

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That’s very helpful. Thank you, Dennis.

  • @rj-vj8gr says:

    my choose is female

  • @rosebailey3537 says:

    Beautiful! Ty both! ❀

  • @Techier868 says:

    I remember back in 2005 I saw a meme going around with the Krispy Kreme calendar, with 12 obese women, one for each month in lingerie…. I did not touch a donut for years after that!!!

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