Financial Trends for 2024: Banks, Bitcoin, and Real Estate – Robert Kiyosaki, Gerald Celente

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In this episode of the Rich Dad Radio Show, Robert Kiyosaki is joined by trend forecaster Gerald Celente, the editor and producer of the Trends Journal. They discuss the current state of global and domestic affairs, touching on topics from the possibility of World War III and failing banks to the significance of gold investments and the impact of the pandemic on real estate.

Celente shares his journey to becoming a political atheist and a trend forecaster, emphasizing the importance of understanding history and current events to predict future trends. The conversation also covers the geopolitical tensions around the globe, such as the situation in Ukraine, Iran, and Israel, and the potential repercussions on the global economy, including the banking crisis and real estate.

Why Listen to this Episode
1. Gain a deep understanding of the interconnections between global conflicts, economic instability, and the role of government actions in shaping our financial future.
2. Gerald Celente brings decades of experience in trend forecasting, providing you with the foresight needed to navigate complex global trends.
3. Learn about the significance of investing in gold and other precious metals as a hedge against potential economic downturns.

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00:00 Introduction
01:28 The Art of Trend Forecasting: Celente's Path to Predicting the Future
05:32 Unpacking the Roots of World War III and the Banking Crisis
06:40 Exploring the Historical Context of Japan's Role in WWII
14:26 Discussing Gold, Banks, and World War III
24:25 The Banking Crisis Unveiled: A Looming Financial Catastrophe
32:36 The Need for Peace and Truth in Turbulent Times
35:19 Final Reflections and the Importance of Vision for the Future

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    Hello from Macau 🇲🇴 Good morning to my two favorite Finance teachers 😊😊🌞🌞 Bring on Lynette Zhang too!! ❤️❤️

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    Excellent podcast 😊

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    Its great to see you have Gerald on your channel. He will speak the truth on whats going on. Always like to see him on other shows.

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    Gerald Celente is a treasure!

  • @JohnyFrench says:

    These 2 Guys possess great knowledge about history, and people should take note if they want to see into the future.
    Gerald’s trend forecasting is unreal. He’s been correct about 99.9% of trends in recent years
    The man must be able to see the future.

  • @etherealradar says:

    Love Celente

  • @williamsimonton2864 says:

    Thanks to Robert & Gerald for the informative video. The strategic geniuses in the State Department and Pentagon DOD didn’t read Vietnam history, where for 2,000 years, they had been fighting the Han Chinese and that the Vietnamese were pushed out of South China 🫡

  • @philmcgriskin1706 says:

    Hi Robert & your wonderful guest Gerald – YES IT’S A FREAK SHOW .
    Well done gentlemen, cheers ( Aussie ) Phil.

  • @francnemcek9499 says:

    Great knowledge from both of you, thank you.
    BTW Gold went up 2400% in the 70’s-80’s. So if it did the same thing we would see a $44k an ounce of gold………….. is it possible? is it probable? anything is possible taking into account the current geopolitical status and direction.

  • @ampovpodcast1624 says:

    What are they going to do with all those empty office buildings 😮

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