Doctor’s Diet Takes Blood Sugar / Triglycerides / Blood Pressure from Outrageous to Normal

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Dennis Pollock shares basic changes of diet, discovered by Drs. Michael and Mary Eades, that can turn blood lipids normal sometimes as fast as in weeks!

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Cameron Long

  • Zena Negash says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was very educational. Thank you, Dennis.

  • Elsa Gonzalez says:

    PLEASE don’t stop sharing such great information. Blessings ❣️

  • Crush Diabetes! says:

    In about 10 days it will be 2 years since I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. Blood sugar reading was 329 and my a1c was 12.9. Day before yesterday my 3 month test came in. A1c is 5.1. Thank you Dennis for your videos!

  • Cynthia Rucker says:

    Dearest Dennis…….one word…..EXCELLENT! I owe you my health, life and happiness. God Bless You!

  • olly2027 says:

    They just showed a commercial about soda.

  • Lin Steele says:

    I find it difficult to have enough calories and dont want to lose anymore weight

    • Jay Hay123 says:

      I have active lifestyle and same problem. Adding grass fed butter throughout the day seems to help. Some days it’s two bullet proof coffee in the morning. Add a pad of butter to lunch. Add a pad of butter for supper?

  • Smcvay Mcvay says:

    I always enjoy your videos and usually learn something new. Keep up your good works and God bless.

  • John Madany says:

    Now that it is deep in my thoughts that “cheating” makes me feel lousy there is no desire to do it anymore.

  • rtzapper says:

    Thanks Dennis, really interesting I enjoyed watching your video

  • Jay Hay123 says:

    With all the bad information out there and the power and wealth of the health care industrial complex, we all need affirmation of the truth on occasion?

  • Roxy Buell says:

    Also, there are Many people doing Extremely Well on All Different Types of Eating plans.
    Consider that, kindly.

  • Paula Pool says:

    Thought you were going to put a link to the interview Dr. Westman did with the Eades. I don’t see it!

  • Patricia Salyers says:

    I have been doing IF since last week in August 2002 I have stuck to it faithful like I live by myself so it is easy (no one to bring into the house anything I don’t want) I lost a very small amount 0f weight now I think I am gaining (with the cost of food can’t buy another scale)I think my THYROID PROBLEM MY BE the cause I am not getting results like everyone else says they are! I haven’t had any sugar liquid or otherwise, since I started over a year ago The only thing I can’t give up is APPLES my LABS haven’t gotten any better I don’t know what to do

    • Karen Carbone says:

      I have had type 2 diabetes for a little over two years and started with an A1C of almost 15. Know I stay around 6.1. For some reason I stay around 5.9 to 6.1. I also have hypothyroidism. Plus, I take some medications for depression. You are not alone. Every situation is different I,ve learned. Don,t put yourself down, just keep on keeping! Oh yes, I also lost 45 pounds in two years and am 65 years old. We all do the best we can. I do keto and low carb my friend. Good luck to you.❤😊

    • Noye Balmer says:

      Patricia, Good for you on the IF!
      What is your normal time restricted eating window?
      Here’s some thoughts to try and help you…

      Do you count your carbs?

      Are they 20 total carbs and under per day?

      Are you consuming ANY dairy other than butter? (my sister has Hashimoto’s and apparently dairy is not good for those with Thyroid issues)

      Do you use any artificial sweeteners?

      You may need to try an elimination diet like the “lion diet” For 90 days and track your blood labs

      I hope this helps

    • Noye Balmer says:

      From what I’ve gathered and I could be mistaken, so please do some research for yourself Fructose (apples are high in it) is processed by and stored in the liver if you have metabolic syndrome This can be contributing to your difficulties

  • Teresa McNulty says:

    Wow you are up early! I’m not actually up…just awake for maybe an hour.

  • Teresa McNulty says:

    I’m cooking for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And the others aren’t on KETO and thus shouldn’t eat that way. Their regular fuel is carbs, not fat. But several of them Should do what we do. Is there a keto stuffing? I know I’ve seen quasi KETO bread at the store…that I could use for my stuffing. And mushroom soup for the green bean casserole…

  • Jay Hay123 says:

    My poor cousin, younger than me. Doctors said, “enjoy life! Keep eating what you like. We have medicines and will take care of you.”

    Then they cut off his toes. Then they cut more off, following the infection. Then they cut off his foot. Then he succumbed to covid. 45 y.o.

  • Lucy C. says:

    Just want to say thank you from one of those Walmart workers that follow you. You have made a big difference in my life and hopefully I continue to do better. I have been type 2 for 14 years but never took it seriously till this year. I have lost 40 lbs and still have more to go but last year a1c was 9.3 in 3 months it was 7.2 and I continued and after 1 year it was 5.9. I fell off the wagon some and it went back up to 6.1 but I don’t feel as good as I did so time to get back at it. Thank you again.

  • Victor Baez says:


  • Karen Carbone says:

    Good morning Dennis. Love these Wednesday videos! Never too old to learn. Love that you added the triglycerides and cholesterol in the conversation. ❤😊

  • Lynda Wallace says:

    Yes my triglycerides were high as well and i had fatty liver. All issues have been resolved since I’ve been doing these challenges. I was a full-on diabetic my a1c was -8.8 now my a1c is 6.2 but I don’t have any of the other issues I had before. I’m looking forward to getting into the 5S Club next year.❤😂

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