Cameron Long

  • Joseph Penigar says:

    The fact that Elvis was showed … I can’t take this serious

  • Battalon says:

    I am more of a sprinter in pursuing my goal.
    Studying trading the market drains to an extreme degree.
    When I am at something new within my goal I spend 10-15 hours into the work (like last weekend).
    But I have periods I can’t stand charts and bars and all that stuff and I need to pause for 1 week or so.

    As long as you keep your goals in focus you will succeed.
    Take all the time you need!

  • Peter Prime says:

    Sleep 8h
    Work 10h
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 1h
    House Cleaning 1h
    Play with kids 4h
    = 24h

    Not even brushed my teeth, went to bathroom or took a shower yet.

  • Jimelle Phillips says:

    Arnold is awesome. I learn a lot when I listen to him.

  • April Mueller says:

    Cheat on your wife? Live off her name and wealth? Have a son and lie about it?

  • Md Raktin Hossain says:

    My average screen time is 10.5 hours a day😢😢😢😮😮

    How I can control it?😢😢

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