Diabetes Reversal: You’ve Restricted Carbs, Employed TRE & Carnivore – Just 1 Thing Needed!

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, discusses the one factor that may be missing in your approach to reversing diabetes.

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Cameron Long

  • @kathym6603 says:

    Ya know, it might be a good idea for viewers to start a “Beat Diabetes” note book, or a computer doc for “Beat Diabetes Notes.”

  • @chimneydriptray2439 says:

    If your new to this Chanel listen to Pastor Dennis he may just save your life.

  • @voices8570 says:

    Dennis give me hope to go on❤️🙏🙏

  • @DigzGuy says:

    There is one very important part you miss. For some diabetics, despite making all the dietary changes, daily light exercise (eg a 30 to 60 minute walk) is the final knockout punch that enables their hormones normalise and their blood sugar stabilise.
    Some of our bodies are just like that, and I have also found this is even more important for long term diabetics. The final icing on the cake that enables them to finally get their blood sugars under control, having made all the dietary changes!

  • @johnmadany9829 says:

    Dennis, your current project will be very helpful to me. I will be able to recommend it too many of my prediabetic patients before they get buried in medication’s. Having a package of tools will be very useful. You say it well.

    Even for those of us who focus on lifestyle change to treat metabolic illness we still tend to wait until there is objective signs of damage before recommending the elimination of sugar/starch.

  • @maryoppong4673 says:

    Thanks so much for these instructions. I pray for the strength to put them into practice

  • @mballer says:

    Fish Friday.

  • @fumanpoo4725 says:

    Rock on, Pastor D! 😊

  • @anomarnamloh7444 says:

    Great suggestion. However, i began reversing (dropping my numbers) serendipitously when i began exercising on an empty stomach at the beginning of Lockdown. That was pre the discovery of Jason Fung, Robert Lustig, Ken Berry and Dennis. The results of my blood work 13months after beginning fasted exercise sent me to do all my research on line and finding info about Fasting and the Low Carb Lifestyle

  • @linsteele1820 says:

    Please address thin diabetics that need 3 meals and an 8 hour window for eating. I struggle keeping my weight up. Also I would like some advice on restoring muscles!

  • @ellen9579 says:

    🥀🥳🥀 My bestie Dennis and my bestie Mike the Meter 🥀🥳🥀

  • @adelinamarshall6294 says:

    Low carb etc very good.

  • @user-rz9sj4od3v says:

    So Mr Dennis u have jumped on the carnivore diet, I see you are thinking like Dr Ken Berry, I like it when you kept it simple your way. I’m not a huge meat eater, like bacon, most meats are always being recalled, food is no longer safe, I stick to low carb and 16 hour fast and a one mile walk. My 8 hour eating window. Works for me

  • @user-ip9mw8yg9o says:

    Good morning!! A blest Sunday to you and yours..( MK, Roger O)😀

  • @victorbaez3688 says:


  • @sherrytitus5345 says:

    Thanks Dennis. I take insulin and have spoken to my doctor about the challenge. She has no problem with 2 meals a day, but any changes with very low blood sugar must talk to her to adjust insulin. Also I don’t take a shot sometimes if in the low 100’s. Blood glucose. I’m striving to lower my A1C to the point where I won’t need the insulin. That would be wonderful, but so far not happening. I will not give up, keep trying to do everything right, and hopefully with time this will happen. The comment about exercise is important to me, this should help also. It can’t hurt. I’m 76 years old. I would like to live a lot longer.

  • @slugo915 says:

    Ty I learned so much from your channel! My average blood sugar is now under 100. Today upon waking I tested again and it was 97. I only had 1 sugar test of 130 about two weeks ago 1 hr after a meal. After 2 hours it’s always down to 100 or lower. I’m gonna ask my doctor if I can try to stop my metformin and see if it will stay this way on my lifestyle change. Or should I just accept these numbers and keep taking the meds? Diagnosed type 2 back in August 2023.

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