Diabetes Epidemic – Could Doctors be Part of the Problem?

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Cameron Long

  • @cheycasters says:

    Good Morning Brother Dennis. Shalom from NW Montana …🎸🎸🎸

  • @ellen9579 says:

    Sarah Halberg: A general in the army to beat diabetes…Extremely well said, Dennis!

  • @cheycasters says:

    Great message Dennis….

  • @karahamil3657 says:

    I’m pre diabetic and my dr couldn’t care less …. My fasting numbers keep going up … I’ve got to take control myself!!! I’m afraid of eating fats ..I can’t eat red meat because of my red blood count .. it’s in the highest of normal range …. So chicken and turkey are all that’s left … I eat thighs and legs … try to eat as if I’m diabetic …. Thank you Dennis for all your vids !

    • @snowwhite2709 says:

      You can eat fish, seafood, some can have pork. Don’t be afraid of fat, it helps keep you satiated.

    • @Hardcoreweather1 says:

      or you could donate blood and keep eating meat

    • @petercyr3508 says:

      Red meat has nothing to do with your blood cell counts.

    • @normanspurgeon5324 says:

      7:24 please study food,nutrition to better choose foods. Fat is essential- it does not raise your blood sugar, and its satiating. Fat does not become stored body fat, and it does not lead to heart disease. All of the nut butters are great- sesame butter, sunflower seed,almond- not cashew.

    • @kathym6603 says:

      @@normanspurgeon5324 A healthy diet contains a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation, and some omega-6 fatty acids tend to promote inflammation. If you want to take a deep dive into this area (of which nuts are a part) there is a video with Dr. Chris Knobbe (a man worth learning from). There is the following video which gets to the root of “your nutrition depends on what the animals you eat ate!” This is all tricky but if you are really interested it is worth learning what Dr. Knobbe is teaching.

  • @micjon7620 says:

    Absolutely they are part of the problem and so are most of us who blindly believe that they can fix the problem. Since I turned 75 l am required to see a doctor in order to maintain my drivers licence. I hate the experience. My blood pressure is always high at that time. I’m raging now and better that I stop.

    • @kathym6603 says:

      I’m glad we don’t have that “see a doctor” law in North Carolina. I know how hard it can be to control stress but every stressful incident is an opportunity to find “ways around stress.” Everything from physical work to chanting to reciting memorized prayers to whatever you can invent… do you have a punching bag?!!!

  • @jobrown8146 says:

    Thankfully Dr Hallberg’s TedTalk video was one of the first that I saw after being diagnosed with diabetes.

  • @edwardscmpro2956 says:

    Excellent Dennis 🎉

  • @calilovebug3897 says:

    I told my doctor I was eating low carb to lower my A1c. He told me to ditch the low carb tortilla I eat every day that has 3 carbs, and instead eat a regular tortilla once a week that is made into a burrito with rice and beans etc. That burrito would be 200 carbs! My doctor gave me the worst advice imaginable. I wanted a c reactive protein test and he claimed to not even know what it was. He doesn’t even order A1c tests for me when I get Mt blood panel. I have to ask for it .

    • @Agapy8888 says:

      Obviously not trained in nutrition.

    • @amerrykai says:

      Being a rebel is my greatest tool for improving my health. My diagnosing PA said once diagnosed with Type 2 I would never be cured, I would always have diabetes. I thought, well you don’t know me. That I’ll show you attitude is part of how I as able to persevere and take my A1C from 11 to 4.9. granted, it took me 2 years of keto but so worth it!
      I am now 1 months into carnivore, it simplifies my life, fewer choices, fewer chances to be tempted to choose carbs.

    • @thomashandyside5084 says:

      I think you need a new doctor. Problem is, the next one probably won’t be any better.

  • @Agapy8888 says:

    No meds in my body ever. Eating the human food we ate for millions of years.

  • @marklinnell7167 says:

    YouTube videos taught me more than any doctor I ever saw. I have always been a rebel so going against the party line came easy for me. Most people want the magic pill it doesn’t exist.

    • @kathym6603 says:

      Isn’t that the funniest thing? I feel so much better “doing it myself with the help of internet doctors.” “Doctor worship” is a trap people need to get out of.

  • @abdul6467 says:

    Thank you Dennis

  • @raghuramanca380 says:

    Sarah Ted Talk very interesting facts on carbs

  • @petercyr3508 says:

    Doctors have the belief that patients will not change their eating. Yet Dr Unwin’s experience shows 100% will try the diet option over meds and something around 50% will succeed.

  • @hoebeng1 says:

    You are so correct:
    I am one of those rebels who brought my A1c down to 5.6 ( without medication)

    My Endocrinologist was not impressed.
    All he could say was “See me in 6 months and we will monitor your situation”😢

  • @issacgenaroazuasr161 says:

    Thank you for all your doing and thank you for all of the people like Sarah ! God bless you all and may she rest in peace ❤

  • @balasandarkalieannan300 says:

    Late Dr. Sarah Halberg save my life.

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was very helpful. Thank you, Dennis.

  • @onesky8647 says:

    “There’s a lot of money to be made in keeping you sick.” – Dr. Sarah Halberg

  • @slugo915 says:

    Lol so ironic, just the other day my mother who’s still alive thank god called me a rebel. I said, i believe evryone has alittle in them. Yes, proof, i decided to beat it and did and my doc was in awe. She still claims it will come back. I always loves her till I got diagnosed type 2 and she said same things, you’ll always have it and will have to stay on metformin the rest of your life. Well when i did get my A1c down to 5 in only 6 months she said ,wow, 99%percent of people can’t do that. I said well I’m the type to prove you docs wrong. Believe in God and do your own research and go from there. Ty again Dennis and God bless you and Benedict 🙏

  • @hillfamilyfarms1962 says:

    Just diagnosed as diabetic, but going to beat it with your help. Thank you! Love the mug cake, its one of my regular treats.

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