Could Prostate Cancer, Infertility, and Heart Disease be DUE TO INSULIN RESISTANCE?

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Dennis Pollock discusses the various potential ugly results that may spring from insulin resistance / metabolic syndrome / hyperinsulinemia.

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Cameron Long

  • Lin Steele says:

    I have the book now, ordered last week!

  • Lin Steele says:

    I started at 6500 teaching high school math!

  • John Brando says:

    Over eating process foods that contains sugar and carb (flour, starchy) in unlimited manner and frequent modes is the culprit of this disease thank you Dennis for constant reminder…

  • John Madany says:

    I tell my patients that you have to get your insulin right or not much else matters when it comes to preventing chronic disease. When you get your insulin right you come alive.

  • Robert Beckler says:


  • Rona Chadwick says:

    Another very informative vid. Thnku.

  • DCNike says:

    What I love about Bikman’s book (as well as Jason Fung’s Diabetes Code book) is access to the scientific citations that present the actual evidence. These are serious people that synthesize scientific research for us. Bikman himself has published widely on this topic, a true expert.

  • Zena Negash says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was very educational. Thank you, Dennis.

  • R Kenton says:

    Thanks, Dennis. I believe it all. 😎

  • Marna Sletten says:

    Great video. Eating to much sugars and carbs really causes a lot of health issues.

  • pamela brown says:

    Thank you for this very helpful information.

  • Dyna Brad says:

    Hi Dennis!! I want to thank you – I don’t know why, but you lit fire in me to kick diabetes to the curb. NOW MY QUESTION: have you used Carbolose? Does it raise blood sugar like other flours?? Thanks

  • Victor Baez says:


  • HARPLD LEWIS says:

    I bought that book because of you and I am currently at Chapter 4. This book is confirming many of the things I suspected years ago but did not have the medical evidence to substantiate my suspicions. So far I would say it was money well spent!

  • Josh Toten says:

    Yep. More people need to take insulin resistance more seriously.

  • Hineser Out says:

    My wife’s been doing cancer research for past 30 years last 10 on prostate cancer and insulin resistance/insulin growth factor definitely plays a huge role.

  • Jennifer Bowerman says:

    Benjamin Bikman is brilliant, and he totally grounds his theories in his lab research, and related papers. I wish I had understood the implications of insulin resistance much much earlier in my life. These days I am (76) virtually carnivore, no fructose, no sugar, no carbs in the form of potatoes,rice and flour nor any other kind, for me. I just don’t want them. Meat,eggs, butter have fixed so many chronic issues for me. I wish to live a strong long healthy life. Understanding Bikman’s work and following the lifestyle that is based on that understanding really helps. Thank you Dennis for this reminder! Love your passion!

  • Mark Linnell says:

    I believe if mainstream media and medicine would address insulin resistance properly most of our common maladies would disappear.

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