Checks and Balances of American Capitalism – Andy Tanner, Diana B. Henriques

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Host Andy Tanner and guest Diana B. Henriques discuss how the checks and balances of American capitalism is a political game played from the heights of Washington and Wall Street.

00:00 Introduction
14:00 What Important Lesson Did Alan Greenspan Learn in 2008?
15:57: How Did The 1920s Usher In An Era Of Financial Regulation?
24:12: What Are The Psychological Differences Between Inflation and Deflation?
35:30: What Are The Myths Surrounding Bernie Madoff?
39:46: How Did FDR Create The Modern Wall Street Regulation Framework?
42:33: How Has The SEC Evolved Since Its Creation?
48:03: What Are The Unintended Consequences of Modern Regulation?


Please read carefully.

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Let me explain…

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We are only telling you what we believe to be smart moves. But you must decide for yourself. There are NEVER guarantees.

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    I would actually like to see capitalism enacted not state-corporate alliances which places massive barriers of entry into markets which limits competition. Or central banks manipulating credit and money creating economic booms and busts…prices throughout society aren’t reflecting supply and demand because of this manipulation.

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