Buying a house is DUMB! #shorts

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Cameron Long

  • 2010drive says:

    8% interest is still better than 100% interest (aka renting)

    • Victor Pla says:

      Well if you Rent you save a lot of the cost of owning a home and it lets you concentrate in keep buy Cash-flowing Assets at a faster pace

    • Whts'app†‪‪①②⓪②⑥④②①⑥⓪③ says:

      I am available for a one on one convo and to address inquiries..

  • Daniel 12:1-4 says:

    Feudal system

  • Bradlum says:

    Damn dj vlad x grant cardone? Sick

  • J says:

    Here’s the tip — pay off the whole house in first year. If you can’t, then there’s the real problem.

    • Brad C says:

      Brilliant! Now let me find which suitcase I casually tossed my $500k cash pile in 😂

    • Petite Delight87 says:

      Not realistic for most people. Buy an affordable home in a decent area. The benefits of buying a home is you don’t have to worry about rent hikes. Property tax may be an issue.

    • Whts'app†‪‪①②⓪②⑥④②①⑥⓪③ says:

      I am available for a one on one convo and to address inquiries

  • Jeff E says:

    Go bush buy cheap and be king of your castle without the ratty neighbours or mortgage

  • D M says:

    Well yea at 8 it is dumb. Still smarter to buy below 4% because it will be cheaper than rent

  • Robert Vigh says:

    What 💩🥪

  • cooblur says:

    He just want u to continue renting his properties

  • Connor Bescos says:

    These guys are so bad at math

  • Gabe P says:

    I literally started my real estate adventure by buying houses with mortgages. Still going strong so idk about that one

  • Ammad Khalid says:

    He is a GOAT!

  • Albert Sky says:

    Always believed buying a house is not what it’s cut up to be

  • Ray Teerlink says:

    I really don’t think $1600 in rent is better than the $1200 mortgage payment I used to have.

    • Ammad Khalid says:

      If you figured out how to invest 1600$ to make it 3200$ then it would be great.

      You could go on rent and invest the money you have got in your pocket to multiply the ROI.

  • Sarah says:

    I never thought about it like this. Unless you buy a cheap house, at the bottom of a bust, you lose money. It is not easy to go 20 years into the past and do that. 🙂

  • American says:

    Making money is an action💯💯, keeping money is behavior. Growing money is wisdom. I found this out a week ago after getting a $27,500 return on my $3,000 investment in 12 days

    • Alejandro Flynn says:

      How please tell me?

    • American says:

      I trade with Mr Eddie O Bell he’s the best, It wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of his crypto trading platform..

    • Gerald Meyer says:

      Lately it has been very difficult for me to trade alone because I have suffered so many losses. I used to trade so well with demo. I believe the real market is rigged. Can someone please help me or tell me what I want? I’m doing something wrong?

    • James White says:

      Yes I Agree, I’ve been talking to Eddie O Bell for long now, mostly because I lack the knowledge and energy to deal with these ongoing market circumstances, there are more aspects of the market than the average individual is aware of. Having an investing counselor is now the best line of action, especially for those who are close to retiring…

    • Dean Simkins says:

      wow.. amazing to see others who trade with Mr Eddie, i’m currently on my 5th trade with him and my portfolio has grown tremendously.

  • Keith Chegwin says:

    I’ve got two prooerties, both have doubled in value within 10 years.

    • egliptor says:

      If houses are so great as an investment, how come major finance groups are not buying up all the residential houses especially as they have access to do so?

      Or when a house is lost, how come the first thing the finance group does is get rid of it asap even at a low amount even if it’s at a lower market value?

      Likely because these institutions know it’s not worth it. Not to say some money cannot be made at times. Whether sustainable is another point.

      Yet they buy up or take major share positions in companies that provide high cashflow.

      I’m not sure just because something increases value it’s a benefit as expenses increases also which counters the so called value.

      I had houses, after all the expenses calculations and so called value increases and time it was barely worth it especially as rental is 1/1 occupancy not 1 to many like a block of flats or building.

    • Keith Chegwin says:

      @egliptor I become a millionaire by mistake out of it. The rich people I personally know either got rich through property or got rich and then invested heavily in property. Just look at the Saudi’s, they own a lot of the sky scrapers in London and New York now.

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