Brené Brown: How to “Brave the Wilderness” & Find True Belonging

True belonging is SO much more than “fitting in.” In this episode, Marie joins cultural icon Brené Brown in Texas to talk about her book “Braving the Wilderness.” Brené explains how to balance our need for individuality and standing out with our innate need for social acceptance. Plus, she breaks down the seven elements of trust, why shame never leads to a productive conversation, and why Brené doesn’t wear a suit — or watch her language — when she speaks to organizations. #MarieTVInterviews #BreneBrown #BRAVING

Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor, storyteller, and best-selling author. Her TED Talk on vulnerability is one of the top five most viewed TED Talks in the world with over 50 million views. She’s spent decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy, and is the author of several #1 New York Times bestsellers, including “The Gifts of Imperfection,” “Daring Greatly,” “Rising Strong,” “Braving the Wilderness,” and “Dare to Lead.” Brené is the founder and CEO of Brave Leaders, Inc., an organization that brings evidence-based courage-building programs to teams, leaders, entrepreneurs, and culture shifters.

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Cameron Long

  • Jovana Miljanovic says:

    This was the best invested 30 minutes of my day today. I am so grateful for this episode.

  • LeezPgh says:

    “Don’t walk through the world looking for evidence that you don’t belong.. because you will always find it.

    Don’t walk through the world looking for evidence that you are not enough.. because you will always find it.

    Our worth and our belonging are not negotiated with other people. We carry those inside of our hearts.”

    “I will not negotiate who I am. If I negotiate who I am for you, I may fit in with you, but I no longer belong to myself.”

  • Sheila Mutaramuka says:

    “At the end of the day,
    At the end of the week,
    At the end of my life ,
    I want to be able to say that I contributed more than I criticized”

    It’s saying everything. Thank you for sharing a part of you

  • Alyssa Hillier says:

    The ending had me in tears.
    I’m sitting in my little shabby office after 10pm working away on projects listening to Marie interviews, as I always do. The ending gave me a jolt and a nudge to the soul and a very VERY heavy reminder of why I do what I do and how I have come so far already and sitting here able to watch the future and all it’s possibilities before me.

  • Helen Pierce says:

    “In the absence of data, we will always make up stories.” So true! Wonderful conversation.

  • Linki Arora says:

    People are afraid of the wilderness but once you get out there, you’ll find some people like us out there. And it’s so free. – Something that really touched me, guess I’m trying to find my way to the wilderness and this sure gave me the courage. Thank you Marie.

  • divinewryte says:

    Loved this! “I may fit in for you but I’m betraying myself.” Yes! Thank you!

  • Matt Pierce says:

    That was insanely powerful. Brené is the type of person that could completely change your life with just 1 conversation

  • Max Cooper says:

    “Dehumanization is not a social justice tool” — Yes, brilliantly pointed out. Thank you. This is resonating with me so much right now.

  • Lynn S says:

    I had tears when Brene was reading the “I am the wilderness.” Brene talking about being authentic hit home – I lived as someone else for 5 decades, always believing I needed to do so to fit in. I discovered I never fit in. That was because I wasn’t being me. No more. I am me, and I love me fiercely. Thank you for airing this talk Marie, it was a blessing.

  • frank röbling says:

    Thank you both … words cannot explain the worth of Brené´s message and what it does to people and what it could do if more would know … thank you Marie for spreading her words … love & light, Frank

  • Adriana Pamplin says:

    Can’t get enough of this Brene Brown stuff! I’m been applying for jobs and this has been the best preparation

  • Janet says:

    I told my children when they were growing up “your religion should be the way you live your life. If you turn your back on someone who needs your help; shame on you.” Brene has a way of addressing the uncomfortable, putting it in perspective and making it simple to deal with. I just love listening to her; The questions and discussion were great and I thank you for posting this video.

  • Blaise Girl says:

    “Don’t walk through the world looking for evidence that you don’t belong because you’ll always find it. Don’t walk through the world looking for evidence you are not enough because you will always find it. Our worth and our belonging are not negotiated with other people. We carry those inside of our hearts” Amen ❤👏

  • Karla Padilla says:

    Wow! This episode was recorded in 2017, but is so relevant to all that is happening in our world today in 2020. So many incredible takeaways and action items. It is time for some deep soul searching. Thank you Marie and Brene!

  • Nelida Lewis says:

    I have a KNOT in my throat, after 45 years and being ostracized from the siblings, and thinking there was something wrong with me because I didnt fit in, NOW I know, I will never fit in, I AM OK standing alone and I DO BELONG. I finally know what BRAVING is and I am the FKN wilderness! Thank you BRENE

  • Marie Forleo says:

    Jump to these great nuggets of wisdom from the brilliant Brené Brown:

    2:45 — The 5 words Maya Angelou shared that shaped Brené’s speaking career.
    6:49 — Why we must practice “braving” if we want to stay connected to ourselves and others.
    11:00 — The concept we *must* understand to heal polarization in our country and our world.
    15:55 — How your fear of criticism is holding you back — and what you can do about it.
    24:11 — The critical difference between shaming and holding people accountable.

    What’s next? Watch this playlist to see more inspiring interviews:

  • Fay Hinkson says:

    I really loved this and can’t believe it was three years ago as this is so current for right now. I love her wisdom and courage. This is the best reflection I’ve heard on the current divisions in society.

  • Leah E. says:

    I love Brene!! She’s straight up yet compassionate. Great interview. ❤

  • Karen Drosnes says:

    The wilderness and wild… getting to a place of confidence and self-assurance has been one of the toughest terrains I have traveled. Standing alone is so painful and yet so rewarding in the end. It took the violent murder of my 26 year young grandson Zack, 18 months ago for me to truly understanding the life affirming practice of “I will not negotiate who I am.” Thank you Brene (and Marie) for teaching and leading the way for me.

    • Team Forleo says:

      Hi Karen! We’re so sorry to hear about Zack’s passing 💗💗We know that grief never fully goes away. You absolutely do not have to negotiate who you are. You can absolutely be you. That’s not always easy sometimes and we see your bravery and strength. – Monauar, Team Forleo

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