Cameron Long

  • GhostbustersXX13 says:

    Wasn’t she the one who got married to a rich guy in NYC. Then, the moment she no longer needed his help getting traction for her personal business, she dropped him and took half with the kid they had. Is that right? Can somebody double-check that.

  • madison browney says:

    Move over, business as usual! Disruptive entrepreneurs are here to give the corporate world a much-needed shake-up.

  • Qwuna Tai says:


  • EmanuelG says:

    Straight forward blunt honesty πŸ˜… now it really depends how you say it , no one wants to shock the audience and leave them in tears 😁

  • #shorts says:


  • Bombers says:

    Bethany, β€œALWAYS” keep calling Balls and Strikes the only way you know how to.
    Direct honesty and authorthanticity are so scarce in our world today.

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