Beginner Video Editing (That Doesn’t Suck)

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Sponsored: If you're a beginner in video editing, then Adobe Spark just might be the thing you're looking for: (Or grab it from the App Store: )

My first video about Adobe Spark:

Watch more:


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  • Botanarama says:

    Amy, you’ve been my mentor and teacher throughout my video blog launch – everything I know about vlogging, I learned from you! Thanks for putting out great content as always – will definitely check out Adobe Spark!

  • Frank G. says:

    The Adobe marketing specialist who asked Amy to partner with them re their Spark products deserves a raise –that was a Schmittastic decision!

  • firewordsparkler says:

    I use iMovie to edit, but Adobe Spark has been a godsend for my thumbnails. Definitely going to try it out for video editing 🙂

  • Cal Vollmer says:

    Great upgrade. Yes editing is the most difficult and time consumming part of videoing. I love the Sparks. I have the apps on my Iphone also. Sparks on the run. Your great Amy. The skies the limit for you.

  • Positive Note Network says:

    Personally, I LOVE editing. It’s one of my favorite things to do. So I use Premiere. But I love that there’s an option for people who don’t share my love for the process.

    • NailsbyLizBuckland says:

      I love the process but my mac is so outdated I cant find a way to upload without my phone. I tried diff. phone apps for editing and so used to youtube editor that it sticks. I want to use moviemaker at least if anything but it really really stinks that I cannot upload a video off my phone. I tried compressing apps…just didnt seem to work as smoothly. I love editing and just wished I could play better music then what you tube has to offer (no offense of course=) )

    • Axe Game says:


  • JennyQ says:

    Great info! Thank you, Amy, for the step-by-step tutorial. Get ready for some great Adobe Spark video creation coming from me! WOOT!

  • Lone Godfrey Kolobe says:

    Amy your recommendation was spot on. Spark is incredibly easy to use as a beginner. A really good stepping stone. Thanks a bunch.

  • TonicBlade says:

    I found your channel yesterday and I’m loving the content. I tried the mobile app version of adobe spark and it was fun and easy. Just wish my phone took better quality video even though I tried to shoot it in HD 🙁 . Looking forward to seeing more of your videos 🙂

  • Nicky Pasquier says:

    Hi Amy: this is great! I didn’t realise you could use Adobe Spark for short videos so thank you for teaching me something new today 👍 – Nicky


    Thanks Amy for the video,still a newbie 2 months in and still learning,been fast and furious and just sending vids in one take!Jazz fest in Winnipeg so will try to edit the video that i will be sending soon!We’re such a cool family,youtubers.Oh last thing those shoes look so comfortable.Have A great Weekend….

  • Meka B- says:

    Thank you for sharing and you make it look soo simple and effortless!

  • JustTonja says:

    Liked and subscribed!! I can’t thank you enough for this quick and super easy to follow tutorial!…I am new to everything Tech and launching my own Channel, I’ve spent the last week trying to understand how to use all the programs suggested and it is now almost launch date so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  • Marvellous Music says:

    This is a really good straightforward video, it’s not got too much thrown at you in one go. I’m editing a video for the first time. Thank you Amy, this is a great help.

  • Don Steenken says:

    Hi Amy, Thanks for your short tutorial. Very clear. I do not have any experience with Adobe but I will give it a try.

  • Jason Shields says:

    Great video Amy! I love it! The only issue is that I’m only allowed to post 30 second snips per slide. Kinda sucks. Other than that, the music, the graphics and the format is wonderful….

  • Amy Lee Bell says:

    Immediately after watching this video, I hopped over to Adobe Spark and created a little info video about an upcoming event for our music studio! Thank you so much. That was so easy, and I’ve been needing a way to create hype among the students and parents for our July nursing home visit.

  • Livi Bridge says:

    I used to edit YouTube videos back when everyone discovered making money off of YouTube and let me tell you…It was so much fun for me. I think if you go into video editing just for the money or looking for an easy way out then its not for you. I used to spend long hours editing just one video and that included everything from the sound, music, intros, lighting, and basic editing to make sure everything synced up correctly. I did lose touch with it after a while, as life gets busy, and if I could devote more time to it now I definitely would.

  • lindah mavave says:

    Hi Amy. I watched the video on Adobe Spark by other you tubers but because yours was the first video that introduced me to the whole software, I decided to give honor where it’s due. I had to choose between you and another person. I think you did a fantastic job. Therefore I am purchasing through your link. Blessings to you Amy!

  • Julzy Bee says:

    Awesome tutorial! Thanks very much! I subscribe to quite a few of Adobe’s AWESOME products and I am a firm believer that anything made by them is incredible and highly creative.

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