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Gavin Newsom Said He Watches My Instagram, That Is The Power Of OMNIPRESENCE.

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Cameron Long

  • kunle9 says:

    Choose Jesus

  • TSmithTanakakun says:

    But the reality hit you like a ton of bricks because a homeless guy got stabbed like 5 feet away

  • Ean Cola says:

    Yeah they don’t get elected by being assholes, that comes with their policies

  • Roberto Arriola-Bustamante says:

    Hes a Demon 😈

  • Therapy Without A Degree says:

    Anyone know which podcast this is from?

  • Real followers of Christ Jesus says:

    Grant Gavin is a snake charmer… and his venom is his belief system and his policies. Gavin just recently signed a bill that would allow your 12 year old daughter to have the ability to put you away to child services if she wanted to transition and you disagreed.

  • Mitch Meneses says:


  • Joe Thomas says:

    lol but he will destroy your whole empire by making sure nobody has affordable housing 😂

  • Jack Saxton says:

    He doesn’t run an entire state Grant !!, but he certainly does mismanage an entire state.

  • JeffreyAlan Santos says:

    I’m not a God!😢

  • chocolate* says:

    vote for newsom and your subs will be down to zero

  • james villegas says:

    Well come on back to California then 😅

  • Krishna Negi says:

    Big fan sir #Grantcardone ,have been watching you since you have 3000 followers,so happy to see huge boom in your channel,i take it as inspiration as u can do it so can i..i was broke still broke,but working everyday for the best opportunity,that may change things if not i am still working on myself.I wnat to thank for inspiring so many people out there.
    I can’t join your Courses for changing life but i am on your track from india.
    I wish one day i will come to you and says Sir i did it,sitting in your webinars remembering my worst day ,amd watching you saying make 1 million dollar 1 billion dollar even if you don’t have money.
    You may not know how much you are contributing to society.
    So Thank You from all of those who have benifited and will make fortune becaise you are our mentor or hero.
    Thankyou Love blessings From India

  • jbp122 says:

    Gavin doesn’t run the state. He’s always just running for his next office. He could care less about the job he has.

  • Carl Baumeister says:

    Don’t do it.

  • Dale Pernell says:

    Because he not running a state! 😂

  • DavidElCid300 says:

    Vivek Ramaswamy 2024

  • Torso says:

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  • mhxxd4 says:

    The man that single handedly ruined the whole state of California, nice👍

  • Zak moss says:

    Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior, but “growing money is wisdom”. I found this out a week ago after getting a $10,000 return on my $3,000 investment in 7 days.

    • Cezar Caramitru says:

      How please tell me?

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