At 36 He was FALLING APART! Diabetic / High BP / Erectile Dysfunction… Now ALL IS WELL!

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Dennis Pollock interviews Dwayne Burks-Green, who was falling apart while still in his mid-thirties. Dwayne shares his powerful story of how he employed a 3-pronged health approach, and the powerful victory he gained in his health.

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Cameron Long

  • @gordomeri0 says:

    great video thank you.😎😎

  • @michaeltaylor1851 says:

    Hi I’m also a
    diabetic and I will drink energy drinks from jocko fule. jocko go no crash no sugar keto friendly, and they ship right to you. tastes really good and they have a good virety of flavors

  • @pgiatrakis says:

    Mike the meter 😁 can not tell a lie.
    Keep up the good fight and get your inspiration from God and the wonderful advice right here.
    God bless you all.

  • @emcinc9654 says:

    Good job. Stay motivated.

  • @jobrown8146 says:

    Thank you Dwayne for sharing your story. It was reading the comments from people who shared their experience with going low carb than encouraged me to try it to remit my diabetes (yes, it worked for me as well as many other health benefits). Hopefully there will be many people who see this video and it helps them too.

  • @glasswinder says:

    Good job. 🎉🎉

  • @ellen9579 says:

    🥀🌷🥀 Mr. Dwayne Green, age 36: Articulate gentleman… Powerful and enlightening interview! 🥀🪻🥀 High blood pressure, chest pains, neuropathy and erectile dysfunction led to a diabetes diagnosis with an A1C of 7.2 🥀😲🥀 Decided to attend YouTube University, was introduced to Dennis’ videos and decided to eat low carb keto 🤪 After 4 months, follow-up blood test. The 5’s club with an A1C of 5.9! 🥰 Congratulations on becoming an author…Success with your new book entitled Revitalize Your Health 👍👍👍

  • @DAViDD767 says:

    Yeap, certain cities and certain countries has made energy drinks illegal for children and adolescents, its just that bad, anyways, these drinks were designed for high level athletes who need that pick me up energy for short term performance, it’s not to be drink constantly or long term damage occurs.

  • @figmo7494 says:

    I was 300lbs was on every diabetic medication you can imagine, High cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. Now according to my Dr, I am no longer a Diabetic and I am off all medications. What did I do? I watch what I eat , drink mostly water and I have maintained weight of 175lbs. These videos helped alot, thanks for all you do.

  • @DAViDD767 says:

    Yes, walking is a very powerful tool you can used and it is low impact.

  • @VisorGirl says:

    This was a great interview, very encouraging. This young man was speaking from his heart, telling us about his book and then BAM! The video just abruptly ended! And up comes a Den & Ben podcast announcement! Perhaps a few seconds to thank the guest or congratulate him on his success, something. Just my opinion, thanks for your great content.

  • @mountainman.4478 says:

    It was one of the best interviews I’ve seen on your channel. The young man was very analytical. God bless him.

  • @slugo915 says:

    WTG Dwayne on reversing your type 2 and welcome to the club! Dennis’s channel is how I did it also. God bless 🙏

  • @lightningbug276 says:

    Great testimony Dwayne! Very inspiring! I’m in the same boat and pills aren’t for me. Thank you! 🙏❤️

  • @rosebailey3537 says:

    Wow great interview! The fact he was open to share his problem of ED is fantastic!
    Men need to hear his story!

  • @garethball3502 says:

    4 months ago I was diagnosed with diabetes.. through medication..lowcarbs .low sugar.. exercise I have reversed it.. can’t believe it really happy thanks for the videos they have helped

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