Arnold Schwarzenegger on How to Become More Successful #shorts

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#shorts #business #success #motivation
Arnold Schwarzenegger on How to Become More Successful –

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Cameron Long

  • @Steve-yn4hh says:


  • @calisingh7978 says:

    Bloodlines matter be born of the right caste.

  • @Miami0188 says:


  • @zalapski9399 says:

    Go get another booster 💉 Arnold.

  • @mrmainevent1872 says:

    *Something*…your freedom!

  • @JamesDeannaMelanson-zi2bn says:

    This was the best country before it was stolen from our people and the stories told in our text books, how it was aquired was bull sheee’yatt!

  • @XPSULLC says:

    You have the freedom to transmute a dream into a way of life without government infringement.

    Therefore citizens need to read the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Audit the actions of our representatives and realize everyone is being played

  • @javierbustamante8678 says:

    how naive and ignorant and also arrogant do you have to be to dare to call this country the greatest country in the world

    • @jdawsome4899 says:

      Not that hard. It is.

    • @javierbustamante8678 says:

      @@jdawsome4899 well, not only did you just proved my point, but you just proved to be incredibly biased, an incredibly illiterate when it comes to world history, just go on research all of the economies in different countries that the US has tanked in order to keep the government corrupt and poor so that they can control the people in power in order to continue exploiting the natural resources of that country, go onto research on how Congress constantly passes laws that make the corporations richer at the expense of the public’s health, I don’t care whether you are Democrat or Republican, all of your political establishment is completely corrupted, so by you calling this country the greatest country in the world, you proved to be an extremely biased and ignorant person, so go and live in you own little eco-chamber, I guess it’s as they say, to some “ignorance is bliss” , so enjoy your ignorance

  • @mikea7623 says:

    The Governor gets it!

    • @zalapski9399 says:

      No he doesn’t get it. He just tells you what your itching ears want to hear. He’s a globalist fraud.

  • @stephenvierling2287 says:

    “Screw your freedom!” Right Arnold?

  • @GerryStilton says:

    Why listen to a guy about success when he failed his own marriage miserably, bringing shame on his wife and his children. I used to listen to him but no more.

  • @payamnia says:

    I love him! I am a republican because republicans have more respect for this land! Arnold is also a republican. He is right that it’s not about politics and we have to rebuild the country together… but this country will only be a better place by the work of our patriots like how our founding fathers did again as patriots!
    I ll meet Sir Arnold one day! 😃🥹🇺🇸😍🔥

  • @alistairfreedom2456 says:

    That is great to see this guy being more human. I have seen him very anti Trump and leftist. Its refreshing to see him talk like this.

    We have to remember he is not a terminator…

  • @thorkristufek1361 says:

    Just admit you were wrong Arnold… Then we will go back to liking you

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