Are We In A Recession Now?

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Cameron Long

  • @lukejones7366 says:

    Judging from my online sales.. It feels very recession

  • @ReconPro says:

    I wish everyone the best of luck! 😊❤

  • @scp240 says:

    I’m sitting on a half full flight on a normally busy route as I watch this. My own personal leading indicator is butts in airplane seats, and it’s screaming recession.

  • @charinabottae says:

    Recession started more than a year ago per my sales of discretionary items. All the economic indicators indicating otherwise are managed and manipulated to maintain a potemkin facade.

  • @justjoshingaround says:

    I love the evil laugh you make when you talk about the financial market. It’s like a cheery warning that impending catastrophe is coming. 😀

  • @Ps119 says:

    “central planners are so clever…” Great line George. This is probably the most important insightful video you have produced – thanks.

  • @17noneya says:

    Don’t forget this administration changed the definition of a recession.

  • @miguelito3045 says:

    IMO “They” wouldn’t never let a recession, market crash, economic crisis, or what you wanna call it, to occur in 2024 because of the presidential election. Maybe in 2025.

  • @350zLeMans says:

    2008 houses were selling for 100k here in CA now 2024 a lot of new cars selling for close to that

  • @johnfry9010 says:

    My Barometer is a local auction company that sells all your stuff when you go broke or abandon your business , and they have plenty of active auctions now !

  • @clintcowan9424 says:

    Recession is when your neighbor loses their job,
    Depression is when you lose yours

  • @briannewman6216 says:

    This looks more like the lead into a recession rather than the actual recession. Government spending has probably held off the start of the recession, however, the impact of higher debt levels will start to unnerve people at some stage.

  • @The-Capitalist says:

    Sitting on a very generous cash pile and getting TLT and TMF on sale. I’m not selling my long positions yet , I’m waiting for that confirmation after rate cuts.

  • @rp5339 says:

    Another thing you forgot to mention is that the job numbers have been consistently revised down for the last twelve months. Everyone in the msm hypes up the number of jobs created but they always get revised down later but no one pays attention to that. America is losing full time jobs but the people who had full time jobs are now working multiple part time jobs to make ends meet which is not a sign of a healthy economy.

  • @nitrostudy9049 says:

    Nicely integrated and well explained. Thanks.

  • @AllNighterHeider says:

    Great explanation
    Thanks George and rebel crew

  • @Debbie.Burton says:

    Instead of trying to predict and prognosticate whether or not we’re going into a recession, a better strategy is simply having a portfolio that’s well prepared for any eventuality, that’s how some folks’ been averaging 15% every 7week according to Bloomberg

    • @judynewsom1902 says:

      Predicting short-term market movements is extremely difficult in reality. It requires the investor to be right twice: Essentially why individuals engage service of experts who provide proper strategies to navigate the markets

    • @benitabussell5053 says:

      The US-Stock Market had been on it’s longest bull-run in history, so the mass hysteria and panic is relatable considering we’re not accustomed to such troubled markets, but there are avenues lurking around if you know where to look I’ve netted over $850k in the past 10months.

    • @RickWatson-xu6gw says:

      I think that is a brilliant idea, I tried managing my stock portfolio by myself and I lost 50% of my savings in a very short period. That prompted me to hire a financial advisor. Since then I have made up to $680K in returns.

    • @EverlyndPerez says:

      Do you mind connecting me to your advisor please. I desperately need one to diversified my portfolio.

    • @A_francis says:

      Pls who is this coach that guides you? I’m in dire need of one

  • @bjdekreek7481 says:

    Great video! It’s only a matter of time and the naysayers will be proven wrong

  • @rjohnson993 says:

    Im only 50, travelled & lived in multiple states. I’m not rich but I’m on the fiscally sound side of upper-mid class watching people drop in standard of living all around me.

    Observations around me–no charts or stats.

    Homeless: way higher then I’ve ever seen. Everywhere.

    Cars towed: higher than I’ve ever seen.

    Multiple cars parked in front of single fam homes (moving back in, sharing rent/mortgage, etc.) way higher than Ive ever seen.

    Cost of food (eating out and groceries).

    People I know or know of with a second job: Higher than Ive ever seen.

    People I know of out of work but subsidized by gov, or credit, or both: as absurd as I’ve ever seen.

    The ridiculous amount of brazen shoplifting, “porch pirates”, shoplifting counter-measures, store closures from theft: worse than ever and trending strongly in the wrong direction…

    So I’m gonna use all the un-scientific evidence of just “observing things around me” to say…

    Yeah, we’re in a recession.

    There’s a lot of delusional/dumb credit still splashing around, and a decent amount of people who already made their money, or have good jobs, or dual incomes that are relatively uneffected or in industries less hurt as of now and still avoiding layoffs… as of now…

    Still, its just fancy window dressing.

    It’s nasty out there for the vast majority.

    I think the lag and “nervous system response” of our economy… plus a media that is based on shock, that cant see a bout 48hrs in either direction that reports only the immediate present with skewed or zero context… well, just aren’t admitting we are in one.

    Then when we do, as a nation, millions are going to be clueless as to how it happened, and willing to do ‘whatever’ to make it go away. 👈that’s no bueno bro.

  • @coolair671 says:

    In the construction service industry, covid $$ is just about gone, we have guys sitting the bench, more to come, people don’t realize how bid covid money kept things going, We installed, updated, expanded so many building functions in the name of covid, if the bulk of people found out how much covid money was shilled out to a certain voter base, they would be extremely sick

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