America Will Become A RENTER NATION #shorts

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Grant Cardone predicts that America will become a renter nation.
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Cameron Long

  • @kage8969 says:

    Suddenly that ditch under the bridge doesn’t seem to be that bad…

    Until they charge rent for that too.

  • @georgejesson1944 says:

    And anarchy will reign

    • @12schnsaint says:

      lol no, not at all. people have become way to comfortable… people will accept and keep doing what they are doing and vote in the same currupt policticans. Long live The True Republic!

  • @danielalonzo7445 says:

    You can only raise rents to what people afford. My neighbor’s home has been for rent for over 6 months at $4500 a month plus $4500 security deposit. Average wage here is $50k

  • @jasonx-ray3921 says:

    I thought they put this guy in prison? Why are you showing what a scam artist think about the real estate market?

  • @schafer_thespaz1189 says:

    I pray that the future will be kind to renters😅

  • @kevincollins7320 says:

    Cordon’s lives in another world

  • @-Sam69 says:

    Middle class will always say “tax the rich” but no middle class person is thinking about the future and investments like them 2

  • @nicklorizio8273 says:

    Living in a van down by the river doesn’t sound so bad anymore

  • @OrlandoUsedCarsForSale says:

    Rents actually going lower

  • @user-po2zh6zu7q says:

    If it is homes that are old that no one wants to buy. That means there will be more building. What builders and developers do is they will tear down these homes and build either regular homes or luxury homes.

    • @jonathangarzon2798 says:

      Developers have been purchasing single family homes more than anyone for a reason, they don’t want to sell the houses anymore when they know they can rent them permanently

  • @BigFootCurt says:

    Exactly why I’m in real estate now 😂😂

  • @whitehorse7516 says:

    In San Jose California I think we’re ahead of that time we already paying $4,600 for three bedroom

  • @oj9886 says:

    That’s just nonsense . He is just pushing his real estate angle ..

    • @danisle4379 says:

      Think so? Look at the San Jose guy in the comments. They’re paying over $4k/no for a 3 bedroom already.
      Not to mention the inflation rates these days. Apartment la are gonna find a way to send the bill to the renters instead of themselves.

  • @danisle4379 says:

    Not sure whether to like this or thumbs down…. Grants got a pretty good ganfldle on the rental market. So, hea either gonna be right or very close to being right. That said, i’m not looking forward to paying $4k/mo.

  • @MarketingStrategies28 says:

    No it won’t.
    It will become cheaper.
    Nesara gesara dr Scott young

  • @raymondreddington4952 says:

    We are heading into end times

  • @christhompsom says:

    People need the money to be able to pay for the fucking rent. Maybe that’s the problem.

  • @jamor2549 says:

    The homeless are genius wow they knew this all along

  • @NowSpaced says:

    Lmao these guys are just talking and you fools are making their lies relevant, building has not stopped at all 😂 he must be talking bout places where population is below 5,000

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