Cameron Long

  • @adetolasanni2 says:

    “The reason is valuable is because you can trade it.” Noted, sir.

  • @Sonu-of1ks says:

    You are the ideal person in my life❤❤

  • @lukeelliot8956 says:

    “This money is worthless. This phone is valuable because I can make money with it.”

  • @BlesswinJefferson says:

    Meanwhile holds 1000000bills😂

  • @morganhawkins2250 says:

    I’m more confused as to why you have a big microphone that’s unplugged with a smaller microphone taped to it…

  • @Ten4Frosty says:

    Says someone financially taken care of.

  • @roberthershberger8423 says:

    Meanwhile you’re a professional begger, trying to convince people to give you that worthless money 😂

  • @Riffs4U says:

    No worries Grant if it’s no good for you, I can take that cash bro 🙂 lol

  • @mikemushipe6023 says:

    Then he begs for people to invest their money into Cardone Capital…


    You need one to get the other. Double edge sword economics are

  • @joshuarobertson2104 says:


  • @morningstarlink says:

    Hey pal, you just blew in from stupid town?

  • @fazerogue says:

    It’s worth something otherwise you wouldn’t haven’t or want it so bad. I’ll take if you don’t want it.

  • @rrice4457 says:

    Perfect give me 10 million worth of those useless bills

  • @jaymars3370 says:

    Send that stack this way

  • @GODofDeeStruction says:

    That’s why it’s called a negotiable instrument

  • @DisWasteman says:

    Money IS value

  • @austinj1924 says:

    What u say makes no sense. You need that paper to eat. Drive your ceap around. Raise your greedy kids. And feed your greed. So stop the lies.

  • @madtscientist8853 says:

    Only by things that make you more money.

  • @juanmanuelayala7517 says:

    The bigger scammer internet ever had ladies and gentleman

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