8 Questions Determine Whether You Have Insulin Resistance – 1 Change Turns it Around!

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Dennis Pollock discusses insulin resistance and what to do about it, sharing from Dr. Benjamin Bikman's popular book: "Why We Get Sick."

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  • Zena Negash says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was very educational. Thank you, Dennis.

  • Carl Flowers says:

    Thank you for all your effort I am getting my insulin down

  • Dave B says:

    Great video and great channel.

  • Elaine Hill says:

    I wish more people could realize when they make the lifestyle change to beat diabetes that they will quickly feel better! Who wants to go around feeling sick and half dead and wondering if you should go to the emergency room? I felt like that just six months ago. Now, with the guidance of Mr. Dennis and Mr. Mike the meter I feel like I’m actually living again. Bye bye 33 lbs and good riddance high blood pressure! I won’t miss you a bit!

  • Ellen says:

    Benjamin Bikman: Why We Get Sick Takeaway 🥀😯🥀 Insulin resistance is the most common health disorder in the world 🥀😩🥀 The flooding of the body with insulin is hyperinsulinemia 🥀😖🥀 85% of the population is insulin resistant 🥀😥🥀 Eating fewer carbohydrates = lowered glucose levels = a lower production of insulin 🥀👍🥀 Since you introduced him to us, I’ve been listening to his lectures on youtube…Thanks, Dennis 🥀👌🥀

  • John Madany says:

    Thank you for highlighting Ben Bickman’s book!
    Insulin resistance is also had the root of acute medical problems. If you are insulin resistant you’re more susceptible to infections.

    Once I learned about the role of insulin and disease it revitalized my medical practice.

  • Sara C. Tramble says:

    ❤THANK YOU ❤

  • DCNike says:

    Ben Bikman is a hero

  • Crush Diabetes! says:

    Another fantastic episode! Thank you Dennis!

  • @jessuminechannel says:

    1. All I know is the Beat Diabetes Principles helped me overcome other illnesses big-time!
    2. How does an orphan (like me) react to question about “family medical history”?
    3. I wonder, Did Jesus ever get sick?

    • Eye Witness says:

      That 3rd question is an interesting one, never heard anyone discuss that before. I guess if he got sick, he could have healed himself. On the other hand if he got sick he may have endured it like any of the rest of us because he would have wanted to experience what we experience. I think that most likely, because he was not born with sin like the rest of the descendants of Adam, he would not have experienced the results of sin, one of which is disease. Just a thought. Great question.

  • benny1941 says:

    I am in the 2nd month of law carb now. My glucose spikes 1 hour after eating are 130-160. My last A1C 2 month ago was 8, having BS of over 200 and even 300 after eating with fasting BS about 100, which is now between 80-130. I take Metformin, but I reduced it to 850mg daily, 425 in the morning and 425 at lunch, because my BS went sometimes down under sugar (61) with 1700 mg. I cannot fast, because I am under weight, that is my greatest problem, may be parasites could be the problem. I take garlic, but it seems, that it takes time. Anyway, after over 50 years of D2T, I think, I am on a good way now, thank you, Dennis.

  • Aura Popescu says:

    EVERYBODY should read that book!!!

  • Lin Steele says:

    I can now answer no to those 8 questions since i started following your advice Dennis, so i guess I am no longer insulin resistant! Thank you so much!!

  • Marna Sletten says:

    Thanks Dennis for this great video. I have a lot of respect for Dr, Bikmann

  • Anne Louise says:

    Happy Sunday, Pastor Dennis! By how many points is it “okay” for blood glucose to elevate 90 to 120 minutes following a meal, beyond which Millie (sorry, Mike) says it is not a “keeper”? Thanks, Grampa!

  • Stephen Lawlor says:

    Thank You Dennis! ‘Never Say Die’!!

  • MetalGearMk3 says:

    Doing a 30 minute walk after a meal makes you more insulin sensitive also.

  • Dragonfly says:

    I had an interesting phenomonon that I am hoping yo can weigh in on. I lost 1/3 of my pancreas at age 27 when they removed a tumor. I am now 45 and I wear a CGM a few months a year and have a yearlyA1C just to keep tabs on how things are going. I noticed over the summer that my bs was spiking up to 150-180 with fast food or things like oatmeal. I verified these readings with the traditional meter and they were accurate. I eat well and mostly low carb so for the most part my bs stays below 140. My A1c at that time was 5.0 I didn’t wear the cgm for a few months and started wearing it 2 weeks ago again. My bs have dropped dramatically to almost being too low at times. I did a few trials to see how I would respond. Oatmeal would normally put me in the 160’s- 180’s and this time it only went to 101 but it still raised about 35-40 points but bc it was so much lower it didn’t send it up very high. I verified it on the meter. Eating out at the same restaurant that this summer was in the 180’s and it was only 112 but it too raised from about 75 to 112 so still a big jump. I did this over the course of a few days and nothing-not even a bowl of ice cream would raise it above 115. This seems so bizarre. I haven’t changed my habits at all and haven;t even lost a single pound of weight. I did start taking nattokinase and serapatase to detox after covid but I doubt this has anything to do with that. My real bottom line question here is with the lower overall numbers it would be easy to think I’m doing better but isn’t it bad to have that much of a spike in bs 30-60 points jump with eating even if the numbers are overall lower? Or am I reading too much into a gift horse? Is going from 75- 115 wearing out my islet cells just as much as going from 100-160? Thanks for your insight!

    • KETO by George says:

      Your blood sugar spikes above 140 is what causes your body to make more insulin to process the additional carbohydrates(sugar). Your blood sugar readings are telling you that your body needs to make ADDITIONAL insulin to process your meal. I strive to not let my blood sugars rise from food no more than 30 points. Lower blood sugars are not an issue unless you are experiencing hypoglycemic symptoms. I test premeal glucose; one hour after the meal and then two hours. Sometimes more if I notice my blood sugars stay elevated longer than two hours.

  • Sister Rose says:

    My older Sister was just diagnosed with Type 2. I recommended your Channel to her. I also just Subscribed. Thank you, for all that you do, for us!

  • Stephen Lawlor says:

    Thanks Again Dennis! And I know that ‘insulin resistance’, has been my main problem also. Just trying to keep my A1C out of the 60’s, hasn’t been easy! Takes a lot of ongoing diligence on my part!

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