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These are the 7 things I do every day to stay productive! Check out these daily habits and see if they are helpful in your own life.


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Cameron Long

  • Tina Jackson says:

    YES YES YES!! PLEASE do an updated block calendar video! I am always down for a productive video like that!
    I also feel you about the “elderly dog” thing. I have 2 of them. A 15-year-old ShiTzu and a 10-year-old Bulldog.

  • Cass Thompson Beauty & Lifestyle says:

    Perfect timing to hear this- started realizing my daily habits were slipping and need to get them back to have a strong foundation! Also, just did a video a couple of weeks ago on morning pages! I love them and recommend them all the time!

  • Tenacious Bre says:

    So happy to hear someone else talk about morning pages!! I’ve done them almost every morning for 6 years now (started when I did The Artist’s Way) and don’t have any idea how I dealt with life before that. I’ve never been great at sitting still so I consider writing to be my form of meditation 🙂

  • Raymond Chung says:

    Congrats Amy on your new YouTube milestone reward!!! Keep it up, proud of all your accomplishments!!

  • ConfidentlyDeena says:

    Congrats on the plaque! You deserve it – I love your videos! Yes, please do an updated one on calendar blocking!

  • Nix says:

    Calendar blocking sounds like a super productive thing to get work done for procrastinators. Definitely do a video on that!!! Thanks for all your help! xx

  • Sarah Saleh says:

    Loved this video! I’ll be implementing the morning pages technique, and please do the calendar blocking video. It would be extremely helpful! Thank you for your time, Amy!

  • Hey you says:

    Such practical tips. Even though I know or should know most of these, it’s always good to be reminded of what you need to prioritise in your daily schedule. Tidying up everyday is something I’m making myself try to do everyday, you can’t think properly if you’re surrounded by mess!

  • Sina Port | Shared Diversity says:

    Beautiful channel and great content. Tried the lemon water – nice. Did the morning pages – great inspiration. And the do-not-disturb time is perfect. Thanks, Amy and congrats for the flashy fancy award, you deserve it.

  • Laura Berscheit says:

    Congratulations, Amy! You have most definitely earned it!! Yes, I would love to see a video on your calendar blocking techniques! Thank you for all that you do. You make amazing content 🙂

  • Natalie-Claire L says:

    Congratulations Amy! I’m loving your videos. My morning routine is a must for productivity – without it I find myself being aimless during the day.

  • Starla Sampaco says:

    Great video, Amy! So glad I stumbled upon one of your videos last month. I like to think of your channel as my go-to place to find information I wish I learned (but wasn’t taught) in school — I went to college for journalism, but we didn’t have courses on digital audience engagement. Congratulations on 100,000 subscribers!!!

  • Nicola Booth says:

    Yes please! More on calendar blocking! 🙂 I’ve started doing this already, inspired by your earlier video. It has already mad a massive difference in my life, but I would love to refine it even further. Thanks Amy 🙂 And a huge Congratulations!!! 😀

  • Colleen Anne says:

    Yes please do the calendar blocking! So super helpful and inspiring as always you are very appreciated. If you have any specific ideas for high school seniors planning ahead for college and completely in a mindset of freaking out that they don’t know what they want to do when they grow up and have to decide right now that would also be appreciated along with any organization tips with such a huge shift in life situation. Hugs to Lucy!

  • Martina says:

    I use an alternative version of calendar blocking. I use events to block off time for daily or weekly activities (exercise, writing, downtime, etc.) but for things that need to get accomplished more urgently I use reminders. For some reason, having the option to physically mark those off my to-do list is just so satisfying!

  • liam moore says:

    Congrats on your plaque, Amy! You and Vince deserve it, thanks for making awesome, helpful content!

  • Florence J. Preston says:

    1:45 morning pages (habit #1)
    3:32 lemon water wake up (habit #2)
    4:37 DND time = do-not-disturb time (habit #3)
    6:05 calender block planning (habit #4)
    6:58 gettin’ my steps in AKA walking (habit #5)
    8:46 tidying up the house (habit #6)
    10:40 reading (habit #7)

  • Rebecca Anderson says:

    1. Morning pages – Write down your thoughts first thing in the morning before you do things like email.
    2. Drink lemon water
    3. Do not disturb time – Use the do not disturb option on your phone. Amy suggests doing this in the morning to help start off your day productively, but she finds if she leaves it on the whole day she gets even more done.
    4. Calendar block planning – Do this at the beginning of the week and tweak it the morning of if necessary.
    5. Walking – Amy tries to make it to the gym 3-4 times a week and get 10,000-15,000 steps a day. One suggestion is to check emails on a treadmill.
    6. Tidying up the house – Do something small, if you see an item in a room that belongs to the one you’re going to then take it there.
    7. Reading – Amy suggests reading right before bed.

    • Alissa Saciri says:

      Rebecca A. THANK YOU

    • Rebecca Anderson says:

      @Alissa Saciri You’re welcome 😊 If I’m using my phone since I like to have tips like that on hand, I like to screenshot comments like this and put them in a folder on my phone so I can find them later on easily instead of having to rewatch a 15 minute video. (And of course spending time trying to find the right video in the first place). If you’re like me and watch videos like this regularly, that might help you save some more time too.

    • Alissa Saciri says:

      Rebecca A. Thanks for the tip thats very nice of you😊

    • Organized Jane says:

      That’s was a great habit.

    • Michael Li says:


  • Rose DeWitt Bukater says:

    Amy your personality is contagious and inspiring. For all the fakes out there it’s refreshing to watch someone who actually comes off as authentic. New subscriber here

  • Chelsea Tate says:

    I got a little teary-eyed on your behalf for the silver play button. I started watching the channel about 18 months ago and I’ve gone back quite a few years to catch up so I’ve watched you grow. Congratulations, Amy.

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