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Cameron Long

  • @DrTonyHampton says:

    “EAT TO YOUR METER”: Mike the Meter will always be the standard barrier of what you should and should not eat.

  • @deborahelliott8460 says:

    I FINALLY DID IT! My blood sugars constantly stayed above 200s. Well, I did your ways and guess what? My blood sugar this morning was 124! Trying to keep it there! It fluctuates when I eat back to 200s but going for a mile walk brings it back down to 130 and below. THUMBS UP!

  • @bobcocampo says:

    Mabuhay! God bless you always.

  • @justsayin6795 says:


  • @Sweetrose333 says:

    Good morning When I’m tempted to snack/eat carbs I drink water with lemon. It helps me stay on track.

    • @dealwolfstriked272 says:

      I love mustard! Sometimes hot sauce also works. NGL though as a carnivore I am noticing much better results by a bit of force feeding. Just now I finished my second steak of the day and it was a chore to eat and I kinda feel nauseous. But at the end of the week I look and feel healthier so I am gonna stick with this strategy for awhile.

  • @mballer says:

    Go for a walk.

  • @annaradin6067 says:

    i bought your book a few years ago and i have been blessing you since!
    excellent guide for pre diabetics and diabetics!

  • @crushdiabetes1426 says:

    I ate to my meter and it works! I found out what I can eat and what to stay away from pretty quick.

  • @danwaters7915 says:

    Such good advice, Dennis! I have your breakfast cereal recipe twice a week or so. I make it a little different: just toss everything in my food processor, including 4 frozen strawberries and a clump of cream cheese. I’m also mindful of cleanup so I use a 1/4 cup measure – 2 scoops of nuts and 1 scoopful of cream. Then I use a measuring cup for the water – no cleanup, just let it dry. The tablespoon I use to measure the rest I eat with. Turns out great! Thanks for your recipes and consistent advice over the years!

  • @dealwolfstriked272 says:

    Starting to think the testing of BS and trying to eat foods that keep you under a certain level is not looking at the whole picture. Yrs back I read the book sugar busters and got amazing results to point where people were telling me “see its not the carbs” which NGL confused me so badly as I was a LC advocate. Thing is when I read the book it went on and on about the dangers of sugar, even going as far as forcing me to but Cheerios with no sugar added which was hard to find back then. Same book was also telling me fruit was ok. This book had me searching out grocery stores in my neighborhood for a cereal that was not a sweet cereal but for some reason had a lot of sucrose added. I did eventually find no sugar added Cheerios and as I said I ate no fruit at all and felt amazing!

    But recently I come to find my body cant handle fructose and I do pretty well on a high starch and some meat diet. Sugar is everywhere though and you have to find online websites that give fructose content of foods to really get the fructose low. Tomatoes is out so my pasta was always butter and parmesan or olive oil and soysauce etc. No fruit on my cereals and even stuff like hotsauce can build up the sugar level as many brands have a lot of sugar added.

    Now that said I am on carnivore as I find ultimate health this way. My reason to bring this up though is I would love to see people do tests where they go low fructose for like a week and then start testing low fructose foods. My BS control became very stable after a week of going low fructose and all my life I have suffered from horrendous hypoglycemia. Ever see a video of someone falling over on a train and person next to them pushing off the person. I suffered with that for decades and eating low fructose I felt normal but only felt hypo if I added a ton of dextrose(100 GI)to my coffees and my oatmeal.Pasta being low GI and I felt amazing but my gut was torture and I would poo out undigested oats and it was very pale color and just whole gut felt awful.

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