6 Insulin Insights that Increase the Odds YOU WILL BEAT DIABETES

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Dennis shares 6 need-to-know insights that increase your odds of beating diabetes.

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Cameron Long

  • @mrbigg7255 says:

    Excellent information

  • @ronachadwick7908 says:

    I do not think vegan is more healthy. I am vegan because i am opposed to animal cruelty. I follow dennis’s monitoring carbs advice because it works – vegan or not.

  • @deborahrichie9128 says:

    Thank you. I was plant based for 4 yrs couldn’t understand why my glucose was high. Ran across your channel thought I’d give low carb a try. My glucose was lower than it’s been in the 4 yrs I was plantbased. All I know is low carb worked and working for me

    • @petercyr3508 says:

      You gotta understand, even true herbavores (cows, gorillas) get sick eating sugars and starches. They eat mounds of fiber (leaves and stems) and turn it into protein and fat. We give cows starch to give them diabetes to make the meat fatty. Gorillas are so valuable zookeepers give them only a pound or so of carrots and turnips with many pounds of leafy fiberous plants. They would never give them anything they know would make them sick.
      I guess humans are only valuable to our keepers if we are sick.

  • @stephenlawlor2876 says:

    Thanks Again Dennis! And I’m hoping for at least a low of 5.5. On my next lab results. Right before my doctor’s appt, at the beginning of august. So I’ve got plenty of time. And it’ll be a first in many years!! (I’m 74) 😊

  • @videoproboston2450 says:

    I did a test one day where I tested every 15 min (fingers still hurt) and I was seeing numbers I would never catch.

  • @hortensemason4073 says:

    You make a good point that insulin spikes, generated by glucose spikes, contributes to hyperinsulinimia, chronic high insulin, adds to insulin resistance, inflamation, chronic disease states and diabetes.
    There also may be a big difference in 105 and 115 compared to 100 and below 100 after the peak. I saw a presentation by one of the major scientific presenters (don’t remember which) that mentioned even 10 points resting glucose higher than 100 correlates with significant negative health results. The point he made was that we should not just shrug our shoulders at 110 fasting glucose. If anyone knows where to find that presentation information please respond and let me know.

  • @johnmadany9829 says:

    That was an incredibly good explanation of insulin and it’s importance in human health. Keep up the good work.

  • @bezoar21 says:

    Thank you for this important information, Dennis!

  • @williamberliant8145 says:

    YOU NAILED IT! If I ever had the occasion to make a video about diabetes, my video would be just like this one. I don’t tell people I’m on a keto diet anymore. I tell them I’m on a low spike diet. Why? It prevents high insulin damage as well as high glucose damage.

  • @toneranger7813 says:

    3 months ago my a1c was 12.2. I had another test last Friday. I ran high all week but my a1c was 5.8.

  • @paulpladin9590 says:

    There is a video put out by Ben Bikman, the metabolic researcher everyone is misquoting when blaming insulin resistance on dietary fat. It’s really got him upset. The association was in a lab grown fat cells by adding free fatty acids to fat these cultured cells. This does not happen in the human body in response to consumed fat and efforts to replicate it with dietary fat have not shown this effect. It was a scientific exploration, NOT a intervention test.

  • @videoproboston2450 says:

    This past few days my fasting glucose has jumped from low to mid 90’s to 103-108 and I’m not sure why. Then I have a morning spike to around 120. Yesterday I barely ate and I only got close to 100 where my typical days I will be under 100 by 10 am or so. I am losing a lot of weight and not sure if that has something to do with. I’m 56 down as of this morning. and lot to go. I have been reducing my carbs every day so I’m confused at the moment. Since my March diagnosis of a 6.9 A1c I haven’t seen a number over 133 and since then dropped my A1c to 5.9.

  • @JadaRose880 says:

    Thank you for the excellent information. Unfortunately, insulin resistance impacts all organs of the body. We now know that all of the mental illnesses are a result of insulin resistance
    in the brain. I have been following Lauren Kennedy’s channel Living Well With Schizophrenia who has been following a Medical Keto diet and has put her schizoaffective disorder into
    remission. After suffering for decades with debilitating symptoms and implementing the keto diet for only a couple of weeks she experienced a complete reversal of her symptoms. Insulin Resistance is at the root causes of all diseases. If we do not stop eating processed foods we will continue to see a rise in all metabolic diseases.

  • @richboch739 says:

    Thanks, Dennis, well done. Dr Josh Axe recently discussed a research report comparing Europeans and Americans regarding Glucose spikes. Europeans typically eat 2-3 Meals/day, consuming most calories mid-day. Their spikes followed the meals and dropped accordingly. Americans though spiked in the AM, and STAYED HIGH ALL DAY – due to snacking, grazing, soda pop, etc. I would love to see some research on WHICH IS MORE DANGEROUS- Glucose, or Insulin? I’m afraid we have been treating DIabetes wrong for 100 years!

  • @Crimepaysaskapolitician says:

    I guarantee, if people would fallow Dr Bernstein’s diet plan, very low carbohydrates high protein, and the fat that comes naturally with the meat or fish, they soon won’t have any problems.

  • @slugo915 says:

    Dennis explains these things so well. I am forever greatful. πŸ™

  • @joehuber9168 says:

    Thank you Dennis means allot

  • @bryanc.5463 says:

    High protein, very low carb and very low fat has been the best for my blood sugar. It’s a crash diet but it seemed to be the most effective.

  • @kathym6603 says:

    Marvelous video. Raising the skill with Mike the meter.

  • @geraldinefields1730 says:

    Thank you.

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