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Want to wake up at 5am but not sure what you should be doing? Here are 10 early morning routine ideas to optimize your day!

// A P P S M E N T I O N E D

→ Shine:
→ Elevate:
→ 5 Minute Journal:
→ Duolingo:


// W H A T I M W E A R I N G

→ Anthropologie Patchwork Wrap Blouse:

// M Y M A K E U P

→ Jaclyn Hill Ring The Alarm Palette:


W A T C H M O R E:





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Cameron Long

  • Jay Jay says:

    Reading this as I wake up at 5am (Aussie time) and it was good as I was literally sitting in bed debating whether or not I should actually get up. Thanks Amy! I love your videos 😊

  • Hanna Ivarsson says:

    I’ve started waking up at 7 am so I can take a morning walk and listen to a motivating audio book while I enjoy nature and fresh air 😄

    • Jenn's Corner 777 says:

      Hanna Ivarsson omg I LOVE this idea thanks for sharing!!

    • Raewyn Shaw says:

      this sounds so freaking lovely! moving your body and feeding your mind.

    • Veggie Magnifique says:

      I love listening to audiobooks — in Paris we spend lots of time in the metro, and so it’s perfect for being more “productive” in public transport!

    • Debra Bros says:

      That sounds lovely 👌

    • Sledge Scarves says:

      Yeeaass Hanna!! audiobooks have been a life saver for me. i listen in high speed so that i can jump right to the next one when im do one. and walking while listening in the morning, while no one is out is like the whole world is yours for the taking lol

  • BooksontheBrain says:

    I wake up at 4:30 so I can do morning pages and then get to the gym before I work. I’ve been a lot happier since starting this routine. Thanks for the nudge!

  • Sheri K StandingUpForWomen says:

    1. Water 2. Write 3. Move 4. Meditate 5. Brainstorm new idea 6. Read 7. Mindful Hot beverage 8. Make time for something simple 9. Meal plan 10. Connection list.

  • Lindsay Adams says:

    This is exactly the content I needed to actually get myself up. Thanks Amy! 💕

  • 3110hello says:

    Good ideas although those of us with sleep issues still struggle with getting our best rest around the 4-6 am time frame. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

  • joar says:

    This is an amazing video, thanks Amy.

    First thing in the morning I like to work right away a little bit for my *A* task. So I dive right into the life that I want. This could be research, learning a new skill, making notes or read about a certain topic. Doing this it almost does not matter anymore how the day turns out to be retrospectively because I moved forward, even a tiny bit, and didn’t let a bad day, procrastination or excuses to be in my way.

    Not so long ago I found myself in a place where I felt that my life was too exhausting and demanding to be something that anyone could enjoy. One of the many gears that changed my perspective was and is to be thankful to the (also) little things in my life, and write three of them down.

    + morning coffee
    + fast internet connection
    + cuddles with my cats
    + the sea breeze at my home town
    + the nice service I received yesterday
    + …

    Of course I add here and there a ‘big’ thing in my life, just dont forget the small ones that I almost seem to be natural. _ Coffee is a perfect example for me. It is always around us, but it is a handpicked fruit._

    Have a great day guys! 👍

  • Anna says:

    I’ve started my “early morning life” thanks to you Amy and I’m already few months in. And I wouldn’t change that ME time for anything else anymore! For me yoga in the morning has been a great way to combine moving and meditating. I love it so much that I give myself yoga time on the weekends as well 😄

  • J Armstrong says:

    Love the connections list idea! That’s a new one to me but seems very appropriate, especially in this digital age. What a beautiful thing to think about to start your day!

  • Mruth Cowboy says:

    Meditation has replaced “paging” for me. Outside still in October. It gives me focus and gets my head rebooted. A morning walk jump starts my metabolism. You get me thinking about tweeting my routine. Your ideas got me thinking. Thank you…keep on leading❤️❤️❤️ I’m a big talking book user. Every morning with breakfast. I’m going to integrate the connections idea. I’m all in. GREAT VLOG TODAY.

  • Destiny Marie says:

    I really enjoyed this video! I have a love/hate relationship with working out in the morning. It does a good job at keeping me up, but I’m so much more tired than when I work out in the evening. I appreciate your “ideas!” 🙂

  • Ashley Nichole says:

    Starting this tomorrow morning – no matter the time I wake. I think it would be better to stick to the routine even if it’s not at 5am each morning. So excited to see the results!

  • Ana Rodriguez says:

    As a blogger, I find it funny that she mentioned us wanted to make videos more. I totally agree, but I just somehow feel more comfortable writing, than doing videos, so I stick with it, but she is right about that. Love your videos. They keep me motivated, and help inspire my writings. Oh, and 5 A.M is way too much for me. The best I can do now is 6.

  • Dakota Nichols says:

    Thank you so much for being so real about waking up early. So many people make it seem so simple and like they never struggle or fail at it. Me and my anxiety thank you for being honest about what kind of expectations to have!

  • Nicola Byrne says:

    I love your channel. You are helping me so much to develop the habits I need to do this things I want to do. Thank you for this video … I’m struggling right now to get up at 5am but I need to do it for the next couple of weeks to have enough hours in the day to do all that needs to be done.
    Thank you x

  • Divine R says:

    Video starts at 2:45 for those who wanna get straight to the point instead of sitting through the long intro ☺️
    Reading the book “Miracle Morning” is what got me into the habit of waking up at 5AM daily. It’s still a struggle especially on colder days, but the reward of getting something done before everybody else wakes up is so rewarding!

  • Jochabed 🌈💝 says:

    Thank you Amy Landino for all the videos you create 😊💟 I truly admire your work ethic 🌸

  • Hauntress Aela says:

    Like you, I wake myself up with a tall glass of water. Then I listen to you as part of my morning routine. I have been waking up at 7:30 as the latest and I am motivated to up my game 🙂

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