5 Business Ideas That Will Be BIG for 2022 (But Easy to Start!)

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Looking for business ideas? I've got you covered. The business ideas outlined in this video take advantage of things that are relevant and happening today and are perfectly setup for a 2022 push, and I'll also tell you how to get started and keep it simple.

Let me know in the comment section which of these 5 business ideas you'd like me to explore further with step-by-step in-depth videos in the future. I'll be taking the most popular suggestion, and making it easy for you to follow.

0:00 Intro
1:23 Business Idea #1
3:44 Business Idea #2
5:40 Business Idea #3
8:08 Business Idea #4
11:32 Business Idea #5

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Cameron Long

  • Dads With Purpose says:

    Reseller or Newsletter! I like the idea of building an audience around my expertise.

    Great Vid Pat! Well timed right after the LIVE Stream! I really think you are implementing the right strategies to grow this thing Youtube Channel to 500k. Very Attainable Goals. #Teamflynn

  • Arthur Reynolds says:

    Hi Pat, thanks for the great video! I’d love to see a deep dive on newsletters. I’ve had a couple ideas on great niches for newsletters but I’m not sure how to go about getting started. Love your videos and the work that you do! Thanks!

  • Peasant Uprising says:

    This turned out great as expected! So awesome to watch this from beginning creation to final product. Love the edits too

  • Joyce B. says:

    #teamreplay –
    Valuable information, giving something for pretty much everyone. 😊- Thanks, Pat.
    #4 & #5 are my FAVs.

  • Aundrea Siahaan says:

    #3 & #5! If just one, then #5. Email seems to be very important in starting the customer journey from an online business standpoint. But from someone who would rather give the value of a newsletter than the sales of an email, I want to learn how to actually make those newsletters valuable enough that people would actually not mind paying for them.

    And thanks for mentioning ConvertKit. I only knew of Substack that was doing it, but it’s great to know that I can use the whole function of ConvertKit with this added little gem in the free plan as well!

  • Dr. Sev Talks Money says:

    Pat, all great ideas. Based on where I am in my entrepreneurial journey, I am definitely interested in #5. Will share the video too because I’m sure some of my followers could benefit. Thanks always.

  • Oliver Lukac says:

    Hi Pat, love the video.
    I was wondering how do you go about creating an online course for authors. Would the author create videos of each chapter from the book, while being recorded on video and adding examples and his thoughts he didn’t mention? Or how would it be different from the book and why would someone buy it?
    Thank you in advance

    • Eric Simmons says:

      Jerry Jenkins and Brandon Sanderson might be good examples for you to look at for successful authors who share their tips and strategies.

  • Slave of Allah says:

    Keep in mind that, like most small businesses, you are not likely to get rich from running a vending machine business. But being your own boss and calling the shots are rewarding in themselves. And if you get enough locations going, vending machines can generate a steady income for you.

  • fantom 2 says:

    Pat please do more videos on different business ideas, especially online, love this to explore different ways to make money. I read the book 100 side hustles, but would love your voice on it as you are a creative individual who started and successfully run many businesses!

  • Jivan Navij says:

    0:00 Intro
    1:23 Becoming a reseller of other people’s stuffs
    3:44 Podcast Editor
    5:40 Becoming a community/event manager
    8:08 Help Authors Build Online Courses
    11:32 Monetizing a newsletter

  • Tammy Coin says:

    Oh! Just found this today, Pat!
    I broke my dominant shoulder last month, been in a funk and feeling the whole entrepreneurial journey has not gone well.

    I absolutely loved the #5 newsletter idea.

    #3 and #4, also piqued my interest.
    Thank you!!

  • Inez Whipple says:

    Love number 4: building online courses for authors! Also, really intrigued by podcast editing.

  • Alex says:

    0:00​ Intro
    1:23​ Business Idea #1
    3:44​ Business Idea #2
    5:40​ Business Idea #3
    8:08​ Business Idea #4
    11:32​ Business Idea #5

  • Kelly Byrne says:

    Hi Pat – I’d love to know more about #4 – how to get up and running teaching authors how to create their own courses. #2 is appealing as well. Thanks for all you do!

  • Cruise into wealth says:

    You got some good ideas Pat. Working from home has been a blessing for me. Especially during these weird times. Since I love travel, that is my niche. And as they say, if you love what you do, you don’t work a day of your life. I’m subscribed. Keep pumping out that good info.

  • Jeff Haviland says:

    Great stuff Pat, really enjoyed. My favorite part is how you covered things that others have not in these “5 big ideas” type vids.

    Subbed btw, looking forward to many hours of your vids.

  • Sage Green Creative says:

    Thanks Pat! Great tips love how detailed you always are! πŸ’š

  • Tracy's Mindlab says:

    These ideas are really flashes of light show up in my head! Thank you Pat! There’s always ways of business idea as long as you are willing to dig into. Appreciate!

  • Ray daSilva says:

    Great ideas, Pat. It takes a bit of courage to get started and your ideas will be helpful to young entrepreneurs. That’s what built America and it has never been a better time to start that new business but getting started is not always the hard bit. Building a sustainable, growing business while retaining the passion you started with – that’s the tricky part. Financial disciplines are important. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% of small businesses fail in the first year and 50% are faltering by year 5. It’s not always because the business itself is not doing well but often it is due to poor cash management and financial disciplines. Here’s one way to stay ahead of that: @

  • S.I.R. Musik says:

    I adore how he never misses an opportunity to sell. it doesn’t feel like a sale. I think just watching him you can learn a lot on how to pitch effortlessly

  • >