4 Benefits of the Carnivore Diet – and A Few Reservations!

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Dennis Pollock shares what he feels are pros and cons to the growing movement toward the carnivore diet.

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Lauren video about her painful 1st month of carnivore

Cameron Long

  • @andrepatterson7058 says:


  • @robertwilliams3322 says:

    I lost weight on the coreivore diet ❀
    Thank you Dennis ❀

  • @mballer says:

    Exercise after meals reduce glucose spikes.

  • @ellen9579 says:

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  • @emcinc9654 says:

    I tried the beef butter bacon egg diet. Initially that was working for me. But latter was having issues. I did not stop the BBBE diet completely but now have added eating a lot of sardines packed in water, sometimes mixed with salmon mixed with mayonnaise. Also chicken salad. Low carb veggies, salads, especially broccoli salad. Once and occasionally twice a day coffee or tea with MCT oil and only once in a while HWC. so whatever it is I’m getting some of my best glucose readings. Love the channel and your thought process about dealing with type 2.

  • @voices8570 says:

    I believe the lady’s testimony of getting cured of her illness from a carnivore diet. As a diabetic, meat is my main micronutrient, but I am not giving up on low-carb foods.

  • @deosaranramdath2420 says:

    I am vegan.

  • @elizabethdominis730 says:

    I’m with you on this one, so eloquently put. I often wondered on bible references, potage, unleavened bread, etc..I think in a few years, the BBE diet will come to be a fad. Unsustainable for most people. I’ve no doubt it works because any type of restriction will work.

  • @grantw7946 says:

    A steak never glycated anything, ever.

  • @sherrytitus5345 says:

    Thanks for words. Moderation of food intake, quantity and type, seems to have worked for you. You are a testimony to us for sure, for you: don’t mess with a good thing. We are all striving for that in our diabetes health. Thanks to you, I’m now more aware of good and bad diets/food plans. I’m still learning, but greatly thankful to you.

  • @KDB13404 says:

    I used to be vegan it was horrible for me. I went low carb 2.5 months ago. I’m gearing more towards carnivore. Some vegetables cause me so much gas and pain I avoid it. My acid reflux I have suffered from for over 7 years is gone. I’m not hungry anymore when I was vegan I was hungry all the time.

  • @jpennturner says:

    I feel great benefits from eating very low carbohydrate diet.

  • @pauletteschiowitz8989 says:

    My mother is going to be 102, lives at home, and eats all the garbage that she shouldn’t have, very little water (have to force her to drink it), no meds, kept away from drs. (except for regular vitals) and hospitals, still walking up and down stairs, no varicose veins. When younger, never exercised except for housework. I’m 77, pre diabetic and β€œdiagnosed with stage 3 ckd”. Go figure.

    • @chrismole1315 says:

      Your mother’s secret is probably staying away from doctors and meds. That’s the root cause of most chronic illness. Once you start taking antibiotics, vaccines etc it’s a slippery slope.

  • @His-Most-Catholic-Majesty says:

    Are the reservations at a steakhouse?

  • @bobbitayman3417 says:

    Dennis. I have been doing keto, low carb for 4 years and now carnivore but my blood sugar never seems to go below 100. My last two a1cs ha e been 6. My weight loss stalled and I have been stuck still over 200 lbs and 5 5″. I feel like I might be hurting myself. My total cholesterol is 290. And I walk almost daily and some resistance with stretch bands. Any suggestions? 😒

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