15 NEW “Pandemic-Created” Business Ideas in 15 Minutes

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26 million Americans are without a job right now, and that's just in the U.S. alone. It's a terrible situation, one that I'm all too familiar with myself having gotten laid off during the recession in 2008. These are tough times, but there are opportunities within them, too. I was able to build a business back in 2008 as a result of getting laid off, and I imagine that those who focus on the future, and the ability to create something new now, are the ones who are going to come out of this dire situation best.

In this video, I'm excited to share 15 new business idea and niche opportunities that have arisen for action-takers during this time. It's not about taking advantage of people's fear though (PLEASE don't do that). It's about using this time to see the new opportunities available – the new problems that have shown up out of no where, and how we can come in and create solutions to help people during this time. Serve first, and you will be rewarded – and a lot of people need help right now.

15 new business ideas in 15 minutes – which one speaks the most to you? Which one do you feel has the biggest opportunity ahead?

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  • Grandma Goodie's Bible Stories says:

    I’m going to use 2 of these to adapt what I’m already doing (adding self-directed play to give parental relief) to go with Bible stories for the kiddos free & ad-free on YT & add a membership option. We also learned a lot watching Pat record this live. Join us 8 am daily on The Income Stream!

  • Dustin Yarc - The ChatGPT Writer says:

    Great advice! Look for new opportunities these unique situations present us with, instead of shutting down in fear

  • KingSalomon says:

    Thanks Pat. Interesting about your first idea. In our family we have 2 girls and 4 boys. We have homeschooled from K through 12. Our oldest is studying to be a respiratory therapist and second oldest has been accepted at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. What seems second nature to us is probably causing others to panic.

  • Pao says:

    Love the end result. What a killer video from the livestream, and most importantly, of great value for these times. Thanks Pat!

  • Noah Banks says:

    Hey Pat! Loved this video. I’m stuck as I’m trying to juggle with the thing I’m known for vs what I see as an opportunity (both ad options you mentioned in your video. What should I go with?

  • Brady Music says:

    Thanks, Pat. Love your approach and the content that you consistently deliver! 🙏🏼


    Great Job Pat ! I was there while you were making this ! Amazing. Working and building myself up to this 💯 thank you 😊

    • Pat Flynn says:

      Thanks for watching from Tokyo! I appreciate you!

    • CoachDeb says:

      and Thank YOU Francis Mansapit for your Generous Donation to go towards the Food BAnks. I love that Pat Flynn is organizing that! Someone I trust to get the money where it’s needed.


      Thank you for your message,,, so inspiring to hear you actually reply 💯 !!! If you read this I wanted to share ,,;, I first saw your blog in 2008, when I First worked abroad.. you have this smart passive income blog with a red logo. I wasn’t able to get my passive income skills up at that time.but I would read your blog post a lot ! Good stuff 💯! That year was the same year I read the “four hour work week “ and that was really inspiring and I’m still learning and empowering myself…Thanks for all the hard work you do Pat. God Bless 💯 👍

  • John Meese says:

    Love this, Pat! So insightful. Also, my current favorite is a membership site 😉

  • Angelina Kukkamalla says:

    Hi Pat, loving your courses on teachable. And now among these ideas, that you just shared, I m doing two of them. This video is confirming that I m doing it right for my business.

  • miki cassains says:

    Thank you Pat!!! Always on top of things and helping others, congrats!!!

  • Biba Mnl says:

    Every time I lose my motivation, I watch Pat and boom, it shows up! Although I’m in a very different industry, this helps me with my personal creativity. Thanks a lot for the tips!

  • Pearl Maswibilili says:

    Niches to focus on

    1. Parents
    2. Content creator
    3. Speakers
    4. Starving artists
    5. Students
    6. Entertainers
    7. Health and Fitness
    8. Software Solutions
    9. Membership platforms
    10. Gardening
    11. Esports and gaming
    12. Athletes
    13. Brick and motar Businesses
    14. Virtual Reality in terms of health
    15. Education
    16. Helping people go live

  • Charles Branden Clark says:

    Ya know… Thank you so much for making this video Pat… I’ve been in a rut since my tour got cut short and I’ve been trying to find something to help me see some potential opportunities amongst all this cuz I’ve been too deep in my emotional spiral to see them on my own. I needed this video. Thank you

  • Mikhael Alvarado says:

    15 Business Ideas
    Niches to Focus on

    1:43 1. Parents – Homeschool
    2:30 2. Content Creators – Support
    3:26 3. Speakers – Booking, Virtual Gig/Events
    4:25 4. Starving Artists – Teach
    5:20 5. Students – Online work
    6:20 6. Entertainers – Online setup
    7:12 7. Health & Fitness – Online training
    8:12 8. Software – business inventory/ solutions
    9:16 9. Memberships – bring people together
    10:17 10. Gardening – advise
    11:20 11. Esports & Gaming – streaming
    12:24 12. Athletes – build personal brand
    13:26 13. Brick and mortar business
    14:33 14. Virtual Reality
    15:35 15. Education


    Amazing content. It is about being the right person at the right time and I think you have clearly listed out the right niches, that might hold the spotlight in these times . Great job. Thanks

  • Polished & Polite says:

    Thank you for this informative video Pat. I’m pleased that you took the time to express your appreciation to viewers…..too many “get to the point vidoes out there, showing no regard to common courtesy such as “thanks for watching.” Thanks also for the links to additional content/information. Stay well, connected and inspired to you and
    everyone who reads this:)

  • Kira C. says:

    Great, terrific, Pat Flynn. You have built worthwhile content in this video, and your visuals – lighting, background set
    (at home) -so effective! Clear, crisp sound, as well. I’m learning so much, here. Thank you, Pat Flynn.

  • Victoria Emm says:

    Great video! Really good ideas too! If anyone needs any kind of online prints done as I am sure this is a big part of the new normal, that’s the way to go! I hope everything works out well in the end for us all when we follow great advice such as this right here 😊

  • Vincent Joker says:

    I’m a +6 years investor in stocks and bonds and honestly trading kept me sane over the lockdown. Giving my time and focus to growing my account and it yielded fruits for me I’m already into six figures profit now. Kudos Noud

    • Earl Butz says:

      I know how lucrative the market is my day trading neighbour just moved out with his stocks profit. Lately I’ve been trying it but it’s feels like high school economics all over again. I’d really love to record some profit to I tried swing trading but I managed to burn up 50% of my capital trying. How have you been doing this?

    • Raquel says:

      The trade market is indeed lucrative, as a full time investor I can boldly say it’s where I profit and survive from.

    • John Slater says:

      You make it sound easy. I’ve been trading for a while and coming across licensed pros from a good source like this isn’t easy you know. Most rich folks don’t recommend their broker to others. I won’t pass up this opportunity, If you could be so kind to share his contact, I’d love to have me trades placed by a pro.

  • Kadyn X William says:

    I’m so glad I invested heavily into crypto while the pandemic started and everyone told me that was the dumbest move to do 😅😅😅 now I’m here thinking what business can I start without a loan ☺️

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