11 T2 Diabetic Ladies follow 4 rules and reverse diabetes in 90 days!

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Dennis Pollock shares the 4 protocols followed by 11 ladies that helped them all to become non-diabetic in 90 days.

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Cameron Long

  • Andre Patterson says:


  • Jeanie Reichert says:

    Bless you Dennis Good and faithful servant helping Diabetics help themselves

  • Lin Steele says:

    I hope you continue.coaching and encouraging us. You are so helpful to me. Thank you

  • Lin Steele says:

    When i was a kid we had no desserts with our meals
    However we did eat snacks and homemade baked goods

  • fly fishing says:

    My 70 yr old grandma was told diabetes at 69 yrs old and 220 lbs.AIC off charts she found out in hospital.
    GOD let her find you.She stopped 99% carbs.ate 2 meals daily, she never drank booze,sodapop,not much on candy .She did cook homemade bread,cakes,pies,cookies mashed potatoes,homemade noodles for grandchildren.
    Now her A1C down in 5 range,She weighs 148 .

    Dr just wanted to put her on 5 medications and didn’t talk about diet change.
    Grandma started a goal of trying to walk about 1/2 mile daily, Now she can walk 1 1/2 miles daily or more if weather and grandchildren permit.
    THANK you for sharing your wisdom.

  • Jay Hay123 says:

    My doctor told me that I could look forward to a long life of statins and metaphormin. When I appeared alarmed by that, he consoled me that we’d start on low doses so as to allow my body to adapt so we could tolerate large doses in the future!

  • adl Gon says:

    while listening to your YouTube i noticed your vintage radio at your side, it so nice. May i ask, is it still working?

  • harrel oroark says:

    One problem I see is, so many people are so carb addicted they can’t “slash” carbs once they have some. “You can’t just eat one” or 50. Sometimes you just have cut them out until you adjust your addiction.

  • harrel oroark says:

    Yes, as kid of the 50’s we ate little to no snacks, you ate at meal times. Mom said “no, it will ruin your supper”. So did my Grandmother.

  • Becky Dampier says:

    Great information! Ben Bickman is wonderful! I remember that show it was called the Wide World of Sports………the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat!!

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Thank you, what is the name of the book?

  • Robert Carter says:

    It is criminal that the medical profession does not adopt this approach. I recommend people to your channel every week. You are making a difference!

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