The Dark Side of Net Zero and Why There’s a Better Solution – Mike Mauceli and Brian Gitt

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How might net zero policies become a death sentence for lower-income people in developing countries? Is there a real solution to energy poverty? In this episode, Brian Gitt joins Mike in exploring how his green energy business opened his eyes to the reality of energy and the importance in changing the energy narrative.


Please read carefully.

This is not financial advice. You may be asking, “What does that mean?”

Let me explain…

Do not just do what I, my team, or my guest say. That would be stupid and irresponsible. Take the education, then use your own brain and make your own decisions.

YOU must take responsibility for your future and your success. That is why you are here. Neither I, nor my team, nor my guests, know your risk levels, prior education, emotional maturity, or how much money you can afford to lose.

We are only telling you what we believe to be smart moves. But you must decide for yourself. There are NEVER guarantees.

Also, understand that we are REAL teachers. We practice what we preach. With that in mind, we often invest in the very projects that may be mentioned on this show. While it is never our intent, we could possibly profit from others investing in our recommendations.

Take the education we provide but then determine your own actions. If it does not make sense to you, get more education before you invest. We will continue to provide education and there will always be more opportunities.

Cameron Long

  • @drip369 says:

    Call it the petroleum industry, or the oil industry, these are not fossil fuels because they are made from plants. They only ever called them fossil fuels to make it sound like there was a limited supply and that guy is old enough to know better

    • @samuelzev4076 says:

      These fuels sadly take millions of years of intense compression to be converted from decaying plant matter into usable fuel if we wait that long for new carbon based fuel to appear in the ground for extraction we would have run out of energy and the world would cease to function. This talk is delusional at best

  • @Bozemanjustin says:

    4:51 she walks an hour every morning to get water from a lake… Because she and her family don’t have the mental capability to understand that water rolls downhill, and if they simply dug three feet of ditch per day, the water would come to them

  • @tobybrown1179 says:

    Still burning wood for heat in costal NSW Australia, hardly left the Stone Age using wood 🤔

  • @mech-E says:

    The greater concern with nuclear is that the potential risks outweigh the benefits. However this false fear in the sense that accidents are based on human error with inherently unsafe plant design. New plant designs are so much safer and circumvent much of the potential human error.

  • @s-qc9ns says:

    Please invite Robert Kiyosaki to your podcast. I’ve heard from Andy Tanner that he also has invested in green energy projects. Would really like to know what’s his intention behind doing that.

  • @user-ex9jt4sd6e says:

    Thank You So Much Big Boss Mike Mauceli… Great Show…. BLESS BLESSEDNESS FOREVER ALWAYS….

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