SPI 497: Building a Big-Time Brand with Shawn Stevenson from The Model Health Show

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

#497 Today, you're going to hear an incredible level of detail on how to build a brand, write a bestselling book (or two), and make business and family life work together in a powerful way—plus why health and sleep are so crucial, and much more. Our guest is an SPI fan favorite: Shawn Stevenson of the Model Health Show, and he's going to take us behind the scenes of how he runs his business and gets things done, from his podcast to his books and everything else that's gone into building his incredibly successful brand. In fact, some of what Shawn shares in this episode is stuff he's never shared, because nobody's ever asked him these questions before! I cannot wait to go behind the scenes with you. How does the man run the show? Let's find out! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session497 ( ) .

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Cameron Long