Cameron Long

  • Tanya Sharadamba says:

    The thing is for so many, anything beyond basic necessities is a complete luxury. And for so many people even the basics are unavailable.

  • Dani says:

    There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just human ❀

  • Angel Champagne says:

    The best healing and only shooting for anxiety and depression where it completely stops, is with Jesus Christ. You can get everything you need and more with Him. Repent and believe the gospel

  • Irene Gabelnick says:

    Wonderful message. And you look absolutely beautiful Marie. ❀️

  • T a m b e r W e s t o n says:

    Great message for Scorpio season! Diving deep into the dark and murky backwaters of the psyche to recover those rejected aspects of our personal power and wholeness takes courage and a whole lotta self-compassion! πŸ¦‚πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘‘

  • andrew zaltman says:

    ❀ great message. Today times can be tough. One , like you said, has to do whatever helps ! Thank you 😊

  • Arti Chopra says:

    Sooo true Marie πŸŽ‰ your honest expression is the key which works for all 🌸🌸

  • Imran Siddiqui says:

    Chewing gum does helped for me during anxiety

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