How Much Do You Need to Retire? – Andy Tanner, Del Denney

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Join Del Denney and Rich Dad expert Andy Tanner in this episode as they dive into the essentials of retirement planning. Discover how much money you truly need for retirement and learn key strategies to ensure financial security.

From the importance of cash flow over assets to the benefits of starting early and the power of compound interest, this episode covers it all. Andy shares personal stories, effective habits, and invaluable advice on building a robust retirement portfolio through various asset classes.

Don't miss out on practical tips and expert insights that can transform your financial future.

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00:00 Introduction
01:25 The Importance of Cash Flow in Retirement
04:25 Estimating Retirement Expenses
07:16 Building a Financial Team
10:24 Social Security vs. Personal Security
16:06 Strategies for Young Professionals
18:45 Advice for Late Starters
21:33 Investment Vehicles for Retirement
24:36 Understanding Covered Calls
27:14 Balancing Growth and Security


Disclaimer: The information provided in this video is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be considered as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument or engage in any financial activity.

The content presented here is based on the speaker's personal opinions and research, which may not always be accurate or up-to-date. Financial markets and investments carry inherent risks, and individuals should conduct their own research and seek professional advice before making any financial decisions.

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  • @menesmenes9714 says:

    Thank you for the interview.a brief overview would help me spoon feed my wife to chime in and get more from your website and services.

  • @DiyEcoProjects says:

    “How Much Do You Need to Retire?”
    £2500 worth of Bitcoin at todays price (£48900), DCA monthly 5-10% wages, and retire in 10yrs

  • @madeline7nf3 says:

    xAi5T will change the crypto game forever! 🌍

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    It’s all gunna crash like a mofo now…😮

  • @Rittesh009 says:

    Teach us covered calls strategy

  • @simonezampini says:

    Where’s Greg? I miss him… 😢

  • @DelDenney says:

    What was the most impactful insight or lesson you gained from this episode? Share your thoughts below!

  • @AmeliaJohnson-qp9uw says:

    I am in my early 60s and retired at 53. Lots of people gave me pushback because they had difficulty grasping the concept of not working if you don’t have to. I looked at my life as stages. I earned everything I have now through a lot of hard work, but I owe it to myself to “stop and smell the roses” in my final stage of life. In my case I left the country after I retired and live in Latin America. It allowed me to get away from all the negative things happening in America while appreciating my new environment. I have yet to meet anyone who regrets retirement.

    • @ToosiiToosii says:

      Nice way to retire. For me, I believe retirees who struggle to meet their basic needs are the ones who could not accumulate enough money during their active years to meet their needs. Retirement choices determine a lot of things. My wife and I both spent same number of years in the civil service, she invested through a wealth manager and myself through the 401k. We both still earning after our retirement fund has grown way more than it would have with just the 401(k). Haha.

    • @LukeJackson-q2v says:

      It’s unfortunate most people don’t have such information. I don’t really blame people who panic. Lack of information can be a big hurdle. I’ve been making more than a million dollars by just investing through an advisor, and I don’t have to do much work. Doesn’t matter if the economy is misbehaving; great wealth managers will always make returns.

    • @tinaishatucker1329 says:

      I think this is something I should do, but I’ve been stalling for a long time now. I don’t really know which firm to work with; I feel they are all the same but it seems you’ve got it all worked out with the firm you work with so i surely wouldn’t mind a recommendation.

    • @LukeJackson-q2v says:

      I definitely share your sentiment about these firms. Finding financial advisors like *Layan Talia Chokr* who can assist you shape your portfolio would be a very creative option. There will be difficult times ahead, and prudent personal money management will be essential to navigating them.

    • @tinaishatucker1329 says:

      Thank you for this Pointer. It was easy to find your handler, She seems very proficient and flexible. I booked a call session with her.

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