Transforming Real Estate into a Cash-Flowing Asset – Robert Helms, @Rehab2Riches , Liz Brody

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This week, real estate expert Robert Helms guest hosts for Robert Kiyosaki and reveals the transformative power of real estate investing. Joined by guests Terry Kerr and Liz Brody from Memphis, Tennessee, they dive into their journey of flipping houses and renting them out, creating significant cash flow and long-term financial stability. Learn about the advantages of investing in Memphis and Little Rock, including affordability and high rental demand. Whether you’re new to real estate or a seasoned investor, gain valuable insights on property management, renovations, and navigating current interest rates to maximize your investment returns.

00:00 Introduction
00:29 A Rich Dad Moment: Teaching Financial Education
02:06 Introducing Real Estate Experts Terry and Liz
02:31 Terry and Liz's Real Estate Journey
03:34 Transforming Ugly Houses into Beautiful Homes
10:20 The Importance of Property Management
23:17 Memphis: A Prime Real Estate Market
25:04 Expanding to Little Rock and New Construction
28:16 Navigating High Interest Rates and Financing Options
32:08 Conclusion and Resources

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