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The Gift of Giving | 10 Envelopes

In this episode of The Chalene Show Podcast, hosted by Chalene Johnson and featuring her husband Bret, the couple shares their cherished family holiday tradition known as "10 Envelopes." Join them as they describe the beautiful practice of writing heartfelt letters and gifting them, along with small tokens of kindness, to strangers during the holiday […]

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Most Personal Questions Answered

Do you get Botox fillers? How do you avoid having a cameltoe? Would you consider additional surgeries? In today's episode of The Chalene Show podcast, Chalene Johnson fearlessly tackles your most personal and provocative questions! Chalene will be diving deep into topics like surgeries, losing her virginity, divorce considerations, Botox fillers, and even tips to […]

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How To Get Your Sex Drive Back

Wondering how to spice up your sex life or make it more fulfilling? You're definitely not the only one! In this episode of The Chalene Show Podcast, Chalene Johnson dives into all things sexy and intimate. After reaching out to her Instagram fans for their burning questions about sex, Chalene's ready to tackle the hot […]

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Sometimes Life Can Be A Downer

You know those days when it seems like if something can go wrong, it absolutely will? In this episode of The Chalene Show Podcast, Chalene Johnson, known for her high-energy content, takes us on an unexpected journey through her not-so-perfect day. From spilling champagne all over her workstation to facing criticism online, Chalene opens up […]

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